If you want to know about the best of the best in music for kids and families, you have got to check out Fids and Kamily, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary. This annual poll is voted on by publishers like us who cover the best kids’ music, as well as other notable people in the kids’ music industry.

We take this role very seriously, as we listen to dozens and dozens of new music releases each month, just to help pare it down to those amazing tunes that appeal to kids, but that we adults really like too. And thankfully, there are tons of fantastic artists lending their talents to the category, with more being added every year.

Onto the winners!

This year’s top-ranked album, Trees, is a collaborative effort between Lunch Money’s Molly Ledford and solo artist Billy Kelly.  Though I was uncertain as to how the two distinct voices would sound together, we all couldn’t be bigger supporters of this lovely, unique, and very special collection of songs that celebrates the great outdoors.


Trees by Molly Ledford and Billy Kelly

I also think that the rest of the winners and Honorable Mentions are pretty awesome; you can find the complete ballot over at Fids and Kamily.

If you’d like to know how I voted this year, I’m revealing my top-secret ballot below. (Okay, so it’s not so top secret any more.)

1. Trees by Molly Ledford and Billy Kelly

2. Rocksteady by Josh & the Jamtones

3. Hello My Baby by Vered

4. Bon Voyage by Jazzy Ash

5. Adelante by Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band

6. The Great Pretenders Club by The Pop Ups

7. Deep Woods Revival by Red Yarn

8. Simpatico by Renee & Friends

9. Hot Air by Recess Monkey

10. All Kinds of You and Me by Alastair Moock

Now, a confession.

Since qualifying albums have to be released between October 1st of the previous year and September 30th of this current year, I definitely had a big oversight — probably caused by too little sleep — and left off one album that would have certainly made my top 10: How Great Can This Day Be by Lori Henriques. Fortunately, my fellow judges gave it enough votes that it landed the number four spot in this year’s roster of winners which you can see on the site.

I really hope this helps you new parents start getting some awesome, kid-friendly playlists together, and open your minds to the idea that “kids’ music” doesn’t have to mean the song you tolerate; there are so many terrific artists making songs you actually love.

Happy listening!

Visit Fids and Kamily to see the top kids and family albums of 2015. Also visit our Cool Mom Picks kids’ music archives for dozens of albums and singles that have received our seal of approval, whether they made the list or not.

If you want try before you buy (so to speak), you can stream a song selected from each of the top 10 albums by listening to one of our favorite radio shows Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child, hosted by Bill Childs.