Since Star Wars is back this year in full force (ha, get it?) we bet a whole lot of you will be thrilled to see your families done up as your favorite characters in these custom Star Wars family portraits.

(Update: The shop is sadly no longer operating. For a similar option, be sure to check out the custom Star Wars family portrait from Henry James Paper Goods, another fave Etsy shop!)

Illustrator and designer Thomas Brush of the¬†Modern Brush¬†has a really charming, modern style that I’d say makes the result more playful and fun than intensely realistic. In other words, your daughter can easily be a¬†kinder, gentler Stormtrooper, and if your wife dreams of being Han Solo? So be it. He can take all kinds of requests (even pets), and turn your family into their own favorite Tatooine residents. Or any¬†members of the galaxy, really.

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Or if you have two girls like mine, hey — why not two Leias? Beats them fighting over it.

Just don’t under any circumstances ask for your mother-in-law as Jabba the Hutt. Similarly, you probably don’t want your grandfather in the sexy Leia slave bikini.

But hey, every family is different. I won’t judge.