In honor of our 21st episode birthday (because that’s totally a thing, right?), we’re talking about booze! Just wait until you hear what Kristen mixes vodka with. And, let’s just say we get into a little vent session about Pinterest Syndrome. Do you suffer from it? We’re sharing what we love and what makes us downright crazy.

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Links from SPAWNED Episode 21

– For delicious cocktails, like not the ones we talked about on the show, check out the cocktail recipes we feature on Cool Mom Eats every week. No Zima. Sorry.

The Cool Mom Picks Halloween Coolness Pinterest board: Follow us!

– We’re on Pinterest! Here’s how to find us: Cool Mom Picks on Pinterest, Cool Mom Tech on Pinterest, and Cool Mom Eats on Pinterest

– Our pretty extensive thoughts on the Pinterest changes since the original launched.

Kristen’s Cool Pick of the Week: Chanel Ecriture de Chanel Automatic Liquid Eyeliner. Seriously, it’s amazing.

Liz’s Cool Pick of the Week: Our new series, “The Originals,” supporting indie makers, like KnotNot knot pillows by Umemi.


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