The next big fashion trend is here, and it’s food. Considering my kids’ favorite shows are Master Chef and The Great British Bake Off, it only makes sense that they’d take their love of cooking to their…leggings? Yep, we’re seeing food prints all over our kids legs these days (holding the jokes about donuts going right to our thighs), and whether your girls are fans of ice cream, sushi, or croissants — sorry, no cronut leggings yet — we’ve found some awesome food printed leggings that we bet they’ll love.

That said, if you can’t find the exact perfect foodie fashion for your child’s tastes, check out our tutorial on how to make your own photo-real leggings. I’m thinking that a pair of sprinkle leggings just might end up under our Christmas tree this year.

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Gumball jeggings for girls: So on trend

Although it’s not technically food, the gumball jeggings from The Children’s Place are one of my favorites because they’ll go with almost every top in my daughter’s closet. Then again, at the rate my youngest swallows his gum (yuck!), it might just be a food after all.


Food printed leggings: the not-too-girly hamburger leggings from Cherie NY

Lettuce, mustard, pickles, and ketchup makes the perfect burger, and now the perfect fun, printed leggings. We think these hamburger leggings from Cherie NY are pretty cool for tweens who don’t gravitate towards pink.  They are a bit pricey though, so maybe if your tween is dying for them, she can use some of her allowance to pay for these tasty-looking leggings.

Food print leggings: Bright, happy donuts leggings at Target.

If you have a donut lover in the house (and who doesn’t?) then these donuts leggings are perfect. They’re just about $10 on sale right now at Target, but FYI: my 8-year-old says that they’re for kids younger than she is, because of all of those hearts in the background. I suppose that’s a matter of taste. (Ha.)





Food printed leggings: Sushi leggings at Cherie NY

Leggings don’t have to be all about fast food and sweets; in fact you get these same kitschy pop culture vibe from  a pair of sushi leggings, also from Cherie NY. If your kid eats all of these rolls too, I’ll be extra impressed.

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Food printed leggings: illustrated fast food leggings from Redbubble

If the photo-real look isn’t your speed, then try these illustrated fast food leggings that our editor, Liz found by designer Emily Santiago over at Redbubble. They’re in women’s sizes, so these are probably best for older girls who can wear a women’s small. While you’re there, browse through their entire fast food leggings category to find tons of cute styles and designs from pizza to croissants and coffee.

Food printed leggings: Croissants leggings from Redbubble.

Speaking of which, my kids have just discovered how delicious a croissant is with a (decaf) mocha in the morning, so these croissant leggings over at Redbubble might be right up their alley. Plus, I love that the graphic pattern doesn’t immediately yell food when you see it until you look more closely.


Food printed leggings: We all scream for ice cream leggings from Studio 6

These playful ice cream leggings by Andrea Lauren Design at Society 6 are quickly moving to the top of my must-buy list. The colors and designs are great, and my daughter will just love that they’re covered in ice cream — her all-time favorite dessert.

Rainbow pancakes leggings at Zara Terez

There’s something really fun about these rainbow pancake leggings from Zara Terez which feature the print at the bottom instead of all over the fabric. Plus we all like the option of a treat on your leggings that isn’t pure junk food.


Food printed leggings: Macarons, donuts, and ... cats leggings from Target.

If your kids love an over-the-top mix-and-match kind of look, then these leggings, with macaroons, ice cream, donuts, and cats (because, why not?) may call to them. And, at just $10 over at Target, they make for a really cool stocking stuffer.

Food printed leggings: Cookies! from Zara Terez

These cookies leggings at Zara Terez are a little bit baggier around the knees and ankles than typical leggings, which give them a little more sporty look. Which is good because, I know I would have to do a whole lot of sports to work off those M&M cookies.

Food printed leggings: Candy Canes from Children's Shop. Perfect for Christmas.

I have a feeling my daughter would wear these candy cane printed leggings from The Children’s Place to our casual Christmas parties, to pick out our Christmas tree, to drive around looking at Christmas lights, and to bed on Christmas Eve. In other words, pretty much every day from now through December 26th. And probably beyond. Candy canes know no season when you’re a kid.
Kale leggings for kids at Redbubble

And because, good lord, we know it’s going to make a lot of parents out there nuts to see donuts and burgers getting so much attention, we had to look for kale leggings for kids and behold! Thanks to Paper Dreamland at Redbubble, we found them! #TeamKale