Even though Halloween is long over, my kids are still running around in costumes most days, as they’ll continue to do. It’s fun to see the stories they come up with when they dig through our¬†dress-up box — like when¬†Cruella deVille and an astronaut went¬†to a¬†French bakery to¬†have croissants.

It happens, you guys.

This is why I think so many families with creative, imaginative kids will appreciate the old-school fun meets high-tech fun of Props in a Box.

I will say right off the bat that these are definitely splurgey gifts for kids, bu tthey are incredibly thoughtful and really innovative. The gift kits for kids are designed to include all the things kids would enjoy having to make their own movies, including costumes, props, and even a backdrop.

I like that kids are compelled to look at the¬†two seemingly mismatched characters included in each set¬†— a princess and a chef or a doctor and a farmer, for example — and come up with a story. (Story starters are available to help, too.) Then they can film it using their¬†Props in a Box Movie Maker app¬†for either iOS or¬†Android app: Props in a Box,¬†and even add credits and special effects. When you’re done, it’s easy to share it all to social media, so your friends and family¬†can see it too.

Or, they can just play dress up. Or add in the costumes they already own to bring in even more characters. That’s awesome too.

Imagine you're fishing in space, with the fun dress-up boxes from Props in a Box.

Props in a Box dress-up kits and movie-making app inspire your kids' imagination.

Play dress up, and make your own movies with Props in a Box costumes and app.

Explore and imagine with the Props in a Box costumes and movie-making app. Amazing holiday gift box for kids.
From the box we received to try out, I’m impressed with the¬†costumes from Props in a Box, which¬†are¬†mostly made from felt and¬†have a¬†simple, handmade feel to them. (Which accounts for a higher cost than buying some mass-produced costume at a big box store.) I also¬†love the minimalist designs that let kids dream big about what they want to be instead of putting them into…well, a box.

And speaking of being who you want to be: we really appreciate that Props in a Box recognizes that our girls might want to be knights or dinosaurs or doctors¬†too.¬†There’s no boy kits, there’s no girl kits. ¬†What an amazing gift for two siblings, or just for a creative kid who doesn’t need another toy.

Of course you could probably put together your own box of costumes, and film the results with¬†your regular photo app. And plenty of us do. But I think this is one gift that will be incredibly well-appreciated; plus¬†the apps come complete with¬†the sound effects, music, and illustrated special effects that make it extra fun for kids to learn the basics of filmmaking, beyond just dressing up. Just know there are a few in-app purchases so you can access all the features,¬†but it won’t cost you more than $4.99 if you want¬†the all.

Watch out Wes Anderson¬†— our space-fisherman kids are right on your tail.

You can find all the great Props in a Box dress-up sets at their website, and be sure to download their free Props in a Box Movie Maker app through iTunes or Google Play. Thanks to the company for sending one for review.