I made a quick stop at my local toy shop the other week to grab holiday gifts for Liz’s kids, and the second I saw the squishable food stuffed animals I was pretty sure I had found winners. Well, after listening to the shrieks and squeals when they pulled them out of the bag, I went back to grab some for my kids too.

So, it’s not just that these squishable food stuffed animals are ridiculously adorable. They’re super soft and squishy (yes, they live up to their name), and as someone who is generally a little loathe to stuffed animals as gifts myself, I have to say, I could not stop putting these in my shopping cart.

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Squishable food stuffed animals: Fun gift idea for kids

Good luck picking a favorite from their comfort food (heh, get it) collection. I’m partial to the macaron, the s’more, and the food food toaster tart, but they’ve got lots of other hilarious choices beyond their regular squishables, including mini, micro, massive sizes. And when they say “massive,” they’re not really exaggerating.


Squishable stuffed animals: Narwhal, unicorn, zombie, oh my!

And if you’re shopping for actual animals or monsters, and not just edible delights —  like narwhals! unicorns! zombies! — they’ve got those too, all of which I’m pretty sure will be a huge hit with your own kid or someone else’s.