It’ll be a beautiful day in the neighborhood for someone who gets a set of these awesome Mister Rogers sticky notes I just found. Featuring the iconic images of Mister Rogers and his comfy cardigan, as well as Lady Elaine Fairchild, X the Owl, King Friday XIII, and Daniel Striped Tiger, you or your kids can tab pages in a book you are reading or leave little notes around the house.

For best results, tab all the smartest pages with X the Owl and save Lady Elaine for anything that makes you feel kind of cranky. Daniel Striped Tiger would only go on my very favorite things since he is my very favorite puppet.

For longer messages, like lunchbox notes or a welcome note to a new neighbor (ha),  check out the larger format Mister Rogers note with his smiling face on the top. I call this the “kinder, gentler” sticky note, because how could anyone write anything stern or angry on a note with Mister Rogers reminding us to be kind and thoughtful?

You can purchase your own set of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood sticky notes at