You always need a few toys to keep kids entertained in the bath, of course. Cups and boats have always always been a hit with mine, but I just had to share the adorable new Marco light-up bath toy from Boon from Boon for something a little more special or even a fun shower gift add-on for a bath set, or a charming little birthday for a young child not yet asking for XBox games.

This little battery-powered aquanaut lights up when the sensors on his feet hit the water, and he changes color every time you dip him in and out. Plus, he floats with his head just above water. And…that’s it. Which is why I love it.

He doesn’t swim around or make noises. (Thank you!) He just floats and lights up, which sparks my kids’ imaginations for about 15-20 minutes in the bath; all they need anyway.

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A whole new world of bath time fun, with the Marco bath toy from Boon.

One of my favorite ways to entertain bored toddlers on freezing cold winter days is to sit with them in the bathroom and let them play in a tub full of bubbles for a while, and Marco definitely gives them a little more incentive to get in. That said, I’ve seen Marco sneak out of the bath to play with the rest of the action figures I share my home with, too.

You can find the Marco bath toy at Boon’s website or look for Marco  (Polo!) at our affiliate Amazon. Hint: check both links before you buy — we’re seeing some weird price fluctuation on Amazon.