I’ve always been a big advocate of keeping my kids’ games and videos put away at the dinner table.  Especially in restaurants, which is why I have a special place in my heart for those that provide crayons to kids — in particular the smaller, more wiggly ones. So I think plenty of other parents will also be thrilled to discover the new OMY color-your-own placemats that we spotted at Toy Fair, from the same clever company that invented the artistic giant coloring posters our kids adore.

I absolutely love these for dining out, dinner at the grandparents’ place, birthday parties, road trips, or just a way to make dinner a little more fun when your kids have friends over.

Plus, purely selfishly, there’s something I appreciate about being able to have some adult conversation while the kids are occupied, if only for a few moments.

Color-your-own-placemats from OMY: Choose from two coloring themes, or one filled with mazes, dot-to-dots and other games kids love.

Each pad comes with 24 recycled paper sheets and you have a choice of three themes. There are two with lots of fun, intricate coloring pages, and one aptly called “games” that blends the coloring with mazes, dot-to-dots, tic-tac-toe. Basically a more artful version of the stuff children are used to seeing on color-your-own placemats in restaurants. Minus the bad local ads for real estate firms, or the cartoon characters trying to sell you a side of fries with that.

Find the new OMY color-your-own placemats online from OMY Design & Play at the AMEICO site, and coming soon to cool indie boutiques everywhere.