When saw the new Andy Warhol Converse collection, well, mic drop. Or whatever Andy would have said twenty years ago. Which is likely nothing at all; he’d just sit and stare at them and smile. After all, if any pop artist could totally get being the commercialism of his work it would be Warhol, especially when its executed in such an awesome way.

Created in collab with the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, you’llĀ find four ready-for-springĀ styles ofĀ Andy Warhol floral Cons for womenĀ and men in both hightop and low-top styles. I’m usually a hightop gal, but I’m drawn to the versatileĀ Natural floral low-top Chuck Taylors. If only they came in my size; lots are sold out already, darnit.

There are some fun matching Andy Warhol floral shirtsĀ as well, but I wouldn’t be inclined to wear them at the same time.

Andy Warhol Converse in 4 cool new floral patterns for men and women

The new Andy Warhol Converse collab: Even the soles are awesome


I’ve seen some cow print Converse designs around the web, and they may be in Converse stores, but not yet online. I also hear rumors that the shoes glow in the dark, but again, no reference to that on site. Which is good. Because that’s one less reasonĀ for my kids to steal them from me. Whether or not they fit.

Find the newĀ Andy Warhol Converse Chuck Taylor collectionĀ online at Converse.com and in select stores, starting at $65. They start at sizes 3 Men/5 Women so lucky tweens and teens with largerĀ feet can add them to their wish lists too. Note that they run a half-size large.

[h/t mental floss, the nerdist]