Flipping through some of the new projects on Kickstarter, the one that grabbed me right away was this hysterical concept for a unicorn pooping rainbows plush doll and scarf. Because unicorns poop rainbows, of course. I mean, duh.

What’s more, the plush doll turns into a soft, plush scarf, simply by pulling out the rainbow, magician style. Come on — who wouldn’t want to wrap themselves up in a scarf made of unicorn rainbow poop? I know I would.

Or at least my tween girls would. With the caveat that I get to borrow it on demand.

Unicorns pooping rainbows! It's a plush that turns into a scarf. And we need one now.

And hey, if this is all just too shiny happy people for your particular taste, artist Lukas Peterschmidt — also a game designer and toy biz veteran — has a second design in the works featuring zombie entrails.

You can order both at a discount for a contribution to the Kickstarter campaign, but I might suggest keeping them in separate rooms. Zombies + Unicorns can’t be a good combination.

Get your own unicorn pooping rainbows plush scarf on Kickstarter now through the campaign end on March 17 and find more about the company at their site Funto11.com. Estimated ship date is November 2016, and this is a company with a great track record for making their deadlines. But please don’t start freaking out and emailing us November 1 if your scarf hasn’t arrived that very day; that’s how crowdfunding projects work.