Thank you so much for all of your tweets, emails, DMs and as Liz would say, “letters,” asking whether we were okay. YES we are okay! And after a brief hiatus, we’re so happy to be back with a new episode of Spawned with Kristen + Liz, and it’s a fun one. Says us.

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Just a few topics we touch on here:


-Where we’ve been

-How Liz’s dad is doing with his recovery

-Why Kim Catrall didn’t get a Mother’s Day gift from us this year (as described in Spawned episode 15)

-How Kristen feels about turning 40

-Why Liz thinks that 31 is worse than 30

-The world’s stupidest, most antiquated law in Boston that will piss off many women.

The average age of a new mom in the US now, compared with 1970.

-The benefits of being a young mom vs an old mom

-A better term than “old mom” because, neither of us gave birth at 70

10 things never to say to an old mom.

-Seriously, stop calling us old moms!

How an actual old mom gave birth in her 70s this month

-A few mothers who write beautifully about having kids earlier in life, including Rebecca Wolf and Kelly Wickham.

-Why Liz does not want to go on a particular reality show with Kristen, but Kristen does




Bombas socks are the perfect no-show peds for summer shoes

-Why Kristen picked Bombas socks (yes, she is excited about socks) as her cool pick of the week


#aboycantoo - photographic series documenting boys who like dolls, dress-up, and dancing too

-Why Liz picked #ABoyCanToo as her cool pick of the week.


-Other parenting podcasts we highly recommend:

*Edit Your Life with Christine Koh & Asha Dornfest
*The League of Awesome Unicorns with Deanna Zandt and Alice Bradley
*The Modern Dads Podcast by City Dads Group
*The Home Hour with Meagan Francis
*Poppin Bottles Dad-Cast with Ben Mullen and Nick Browne

Our segment on The Mom Hour podcast



Find the answers to these questions and more by giving us the most fun 30 minutes of your day you can have with your clothes on. Unless you listen to us naked, in which case…well, it may be tied for the most fun 30 minutes of your day.

You’ll have to let us know.

If you have questions or comments too, we are here for you! You can always email us at, or find us on Twitter and Facebook,  using #spawnedshow


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And hey — shout-out to listener Kirsten E, who sent us the nicest email thanking us for our episode on sex after pregnancy with Rosie Pope, and making a taboo subject, “lighthearted.” (Speaking of fun 30 minutes of your day.) We’re always so glad to help!

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