If you’ve ever lost sleep waiting impatiently for your baby to fall asleep — or worse, woken your little one up when you’ve just peeked in —  you need to meet Nanit, a tremendous new advancement in baby monitors. In fact it’s part baby monitor, part translator, part personal baby guru. And what new parent couldn’t use one of those?

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Nanit is designed to track everything about your baby’s sleep, no wearable required.

You’ll have access to a wealth of information with ease through the nicely designed companion app, including data on your child’s sleep quality over time and comparison with averages of infants the same age so you can better understand their sleep patterns — and maybe even get a little more yourself.

It all comes together with a camera that captures a bird’s eye view with crystal clear video, even in the wee hours thanks to better night vision than any other baby monitor on the market offers. Plus, there’s no need to drill holes in your wall or mount anything on the ceiling — a unique floor stand positions it perfectly.

Once set up, you can can live stream to your Nanit app wherever you are in the world, whether you’re out of the country on business or maybe just a few blocks away, out on your first date night, but still nervous about leaving your baby. (You wouldn’t be the first.)

Nanit: the new high tech nursery monitor that also tracks sleep securely and sends data right to your smartphone | sponsor

The new Nanit high tech baby monitor and sleep tracking system will put lots of new parents at ease. Read more >>> | sponsor

The new Nanit baby monitor captures crystal clear video with the best night vision available. Read more >>> | sponsor


If you upgrade to the premium Nanit Insights subscription, you can get the most out of the system, with the ability to view archived video history, watch time lapse videos, and monitor your baby’s sleep trends to determine if and how your baby’s sleep is improving, so you can decide whether you need to make some adjustments.

And parents will be relieved to know that security is the number one priority for Nanit’s developers. All video and data is protected on Nanit’s secure servers using advanced encryption technologies. To get technical, instead of using an IP address which can potentially be hacked, this software pushes the encrypted video directly to their servers and your own authenticated phone or device.

In other words, you can rest assured knowing that the video of your sweetly sleeping baby is just for your enjoyment, and no one else’s. And that should help parents sleep better, too.

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