When I was a kid, one of the most exciting things about going back to school was getting to pick out a new Lisa Frank notebook. What would it be this year? A unicorn with wings and a flowing, rainbow mane? A dolphin family swimming in an exotic cove while a neon pink sun sets above them? It was a highlight. So the fact that a new line of Lisa Frank adult coloring books is just out, as the illustrator herself announced on her Instagram feed recently, gives me all kinds of happy feels.

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Lisa Frank Adult Coloring Books!

We already know that coloring reduces stress and promotes mindfulness, which is exactly the excuse I’ll use if someone catches me going to town coloring a fantastical rabbit wearing a crown. Plus, they’re only $3, which means the responsible side of me can be just as happy about this decision as my inner 4th grader.

Take a look inside the new Lisa Frank adult coloring book on this short Instagram video, and find them in store at your local Dollar General through July and August for $3 each. You can also find more info on the Lisa Frank Official Facebook Page.