We all know that there are some pretty amazing possibilities when it comes to LEGOs, from the skills they develop to the fantastical forms they can take. But the new LEGO Disney Castle is honestly pretty jaw-dropping. Disney fans, this is no glorified plastic silhouette of the castle. It’s incredibly detailed, with over 4,000 pieces (yep, you read that right) for your kid’s construction pleasure, along with a few of their favorite characters.

But before you get lost in a Fantasia-like stupor looking at these pictures, know that the asking price is definitely a little steep ($349.99) for a toy. So this castle may be more for serious model-builders than for casual tinkerers.

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Also, the set is recommended for teens 16 & up, meaning many of the most diehard Disney fanatics may be left out of the fun. But if you do have a teen who still thinks Disney’s awesome and has a mind for intricate detail (and possibly has a part-time job to offset the cost), this could provide hours of magical entertainment.

The Disney Castle from LEGO goes on sale September 1 and is available exclusively at Lego

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