With four kids who can ride their bikes to school on pavement and sidewalks, but also love to do a little off-roading as well, it’s been a little challenging trying to figure out what kind of bike to get them. Until I discovered Cleary Bikes, which are the perfect mix of mountain, road, and BMX.

When the Cleary bike box arrived at our house to test out, I was pleased to discover that they come 99% assembled, which meant it didn’t take long until my kids were riding it around our neighborhood. And then fighting over who got to ride it around our neighborhood.

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Cleary Bikes review on Cool Mom Picks

What’s cool about these bikes, other than that they’re super lightweight, is that they’re constructed so that the rider’s weight is evenly distributed between hands, feet, and seat, so kids immediately feel as though they’re in control of the bike (and not the other way around). That’s super important for young riders and has really given my kids a whole lot of confidence over the last few weeks.

They’re pretty simple — no bells and whistles, unless you want to add them yourself — but they definitely work well on street or off-road, with the potential for some tricks if your kids are into that sort of thing.

These bikes are not cheap, in fact, they are very, very high end based on my research, especially for a kid’s bike. But with a lifetime warranty, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to hand it down through siblings for many years to come. And with the holidays right around the corner, it could be something to budget for, or gently hint to grandmom and grandpa about.

You can learn more about Cleary Bikes on their website. Thanks to them for sending a bike for us to test out.