Guiding a tween through fashion choices can get pretty squirrely. They want to seem grown up, but they also adore cuteness. It’s a bear of a problem for even the most chipper of moms. That’s why we’ve rounded up a staggering selection of adorable woodland creature bags for tweens that we found on Etsy — all of which straddle the line between Little Kid and No, You Can’t Wear Lipstick Yet.

A little bird told me your kid’ll love them. Heh.

At top: Deer Clutch | GableMade

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Super cute earbud case for tweens by Stash and Carry on Etsy

Raccoon Ear Bud Case | Stash and Carry

It’s a big responsibility, having your first earbuds, and this adorable case is a great way to remind your kid to take care of their new tech. Unlike myself, who has at least three pairs in a tangled bird’s nest at the bottom of my computer bag. Oops! It can fit a contact case or lunch money, too, if you’re not yet navigating the world of music (or 9-to-5 Hamilton, as we call it in our house). And the clip means it can snap onto a backpack or purse so nothing gets left behind.


This awesome Bear Clutch from Darn It Sew What comes in tons of cool colors!

Custom Zipper Pouch | Darn It Sew What

If your tween is into Adventure Time, manga, or anything kawaii, she’ll dig this customizable zipper pouch. You can choose from three sizes, add a strap to make it a wristlet, and tell the designer which colors you’d like to see incorporated. What a great way to carry an Epi Pen or other medical stuff. The dancing baby bear will keep you safe.


This Rabbit backpack by catbirdcreatures on Etsy is simple and mod.

Rabbit Backpack | catbirdcreatures

This handprinted rabbit backpack is made of canvas and so refreshingly light compared to the ginormous, reinforced backpacks my kids carry to school. It’s big enough for a laptop but would be fantastic for a day at the beach, a spare change of clothes, or to keep books and snacks on hand for afterschool jaunts. It’s available in eight colors and with tons of designs, including a capybara, an anchor, and… a piece of pizza? I like pizza, but not that much.


Make other envious with this faux suede Fox Clutch from Gable Made

Fox Clutch | GableMade

Check out this fantastic Fox Clutch (also shown at very top in deer), which includes faux suede accents for a more grown-up look. I love this size bag for tweens because it can be used for anything from pencils and markers for school to an overnight toiletry bag for weekends with the grandparents or that first sleepover birthday party. The shop also has the same clutch with sloths, pineapples, butterflies, and stags.


Never thought skunks could look so sweet | Skunk Jewelry Pouch by AddyGirlMKE on Etsy

Skunk Jewelry Pouch | AddyGirlMKE

This one is described as “Teeny Tiny,” which can be very useful for, say, jewelry (as the seller suggests), or it’ll work great as a change purse or maybe to carry a favorite lip gloss. I love that it looks like something my grandmother would’ve made for me back in the ’80s.

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Squirrel Chalk Bag by knoxmtnbags on Etsy rocks your trips to the climbing wall

Squirrel Chalk Bag | knoxmtnbags

This one is a little more specific, but it’s the perfect gift for the tween rock climber in your life. We love it when our girls are fearless, and this is a twitchy age when slumping on the couch becomes more common than zooming around outside. Finding a local climbing wall is a great parent-kid activity to keep your child feeling like their best fierce self. With squirrels? Yes! They’re amazing climbers, even if we know they’re nuts. Heh.


This Owl Coin Pouch by Pop Three is sweet and practical.

Owl Coin Pouch | Pop Three

Sometimes, you just need a simple coin pouch. This one is sophisticated but adorable, sturdy, and bright enough to stand out in the cavernous depths of a backpack. It’s perfectly sized for lip balm, ear buds, lunch money, or to hold a gift card for that tween who’s so hard to buy for. Whoo loves owls? Everybody, that’s whoo.


Bird Watch Wristlet by Theknicksofknacks on Etsy can take the place of a purse for tweens

Bird Watch Wristlet | Theknicksofknacks

Sometimes, you just need a little loop around your wrist to hold your phone and cash, and this Bird Watch Wristlet delivers. It’s just the right size for tween hands heading out to the zoo or a party, and the combination of velcro and loops means everything isn’t going to come spilling out in a record scratch moment of mortification.

For the real trendsetters with an edge: Animal Portrait Pouch | Etsy

Mini Zipper Pouch | thepurplehedgehog

Simple, cute, sweet, and sturdy, this zippered pouch gathers up all our favorite woodland creatures into one adorable package. If you can’t choose between foxes, deer, bears, and bunnies, choose them all! That seems to be my daughter’s philosophy while dressing, at least. Never too many prints, never too much glitter. Can’t bear how cute they all are? Neither can we.