I’m always a sucker for books for toddlers and early readers that make use of modern art. We’ve covered Where’s Warhol¬†(a Where’s Waldo parody) most recently, Henri Matisse and Alexander Calder pop-up books, and now there’s a cool new one —¬†Roy’s House, by Susan Goldman Rubin with art by Roy¬†Lichtenstein.

Rubin’s simple, playful text welcomes readers, then¬†takes us¬†on a tour through Lichtenstein’s iconic¬†pop art, which combine to make up quite the house when viewed all together.¬†His infamous paintings of interiors¬†introduce us to¬†a great big couch for entertaining many friends, a kitchen for snacking, and¬†the studio where “Roy paints pictures.”

Children are also asked to look closer and interact with the pages as they¬†examine works like¬†Still Life with Goldfish (“We can feed red fish that swim in a red bowl. How many?”)¬†and Kitchen Stove¬†(“Something smells good in the kitchen. Roy is baking a pie!”).

I really like that the story feels effortless,¬†but not an¬†afterthought; even¬†if you were to remove all the images, it would still read as¬†a playful book about visiting a colorful house. These aren’t just captions or questions to accompany images of the artwork — which is what I might have expected.

Roy's House: A wonderful children's book bringing to life the artwork of Roy Lichtenstein


The¬†thing that I love most about¬†introducing children to books like Roy’s House¬†actually comes later. It’s when¬†we get to see that spark of recognition, when they spot the¬†artist’s¬†actual paintings in some other¬†context¬†—¬†¬†a poster in a friend’s house, an illustration on a coffee cup or greeting card, or maybe even the actual¬†artwork during a museum visit.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, don’t expect to see Drowning Girl¬†or the¬†exploding comic book rocket of WHAAM!¬†in here. It is a children’s book, after all.

Find¬†Roy’s House¬†by Susan Goldman Rubin¬†and¬†Roy Lichtenstein at our affiliate Amazon, or your local independent bookstore or museum shop.