Two years ago, when I learned about¬†Parents magazine lifestyle editor Amanda Kingloff’s cool, modern crafts book Project Kid, I flipped. For joy. These were crafts my kids could easily make, and I’d actually want to keep. (Sorry, glitter macaroni necklace. You’re hitting the trash.) So when I¬†found out her new book,¬†Project Kid: Crafts that Go, is focused completely on crafts¬†for kids who love planes, cars, trains, and boats, I¬†couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

Of course, it’s every bit as awesome as her first book. I love her¬†ingenious hacks for household items — like¬†turning an old¬†cardboard¬†box into an alpine tunnel or using a cheap bangle bracelet as the wheel on a car. But the best part is, these are¬†cool projects my kids will want to play with long after the “crafting” phase is complete.

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DIY your own modular road, with the tutorial in Project Kid: Crafts that Go by Amanda Kingloff

Learn how your kids can make their own DIY drivers' licenses in Project Kid: Crafts that Go by Amanda Kingloff

Use old cardboard boxes to make alpine tunnels, in the new crafts book Project Kid: Crafts that Go by Amanda Kingloff.

Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions help you make the awesome crafts in Project Kid: Crafts that Go by Amanda Kingloff.

There are so many cool ideas in this book¬†that I’m not sure where to start: there’s the city roads made from cardboard drink coasters; the miniature DIY luggage my daughter can¬†use with her dollhouse figures;¬†and the sponge tugboat that my son would play with in the bath until his fingers turn pruney.

Some of these projects are certainly more complicated and time-consuming than others — I’m looking at you, canvas Rocket Ship reading nook. But all of them are doable, even for those of us without an art degree. The instructions are clear and the supplies lists are comprehensive. So with just a little advance prep, you can knock out one (or a few) of these in a weekend. Then keep on playing with it all week long.

You can buy Project Kid: Crafts that Go by Amanda Kingloff at our affiliate Amazon. Or, check your local bookstore or library.