The last time I hosted an election night viewing party with friends was back in 2000 when our friends resignedly left around midnight, with no winner decided. (It’s a good thing or they might have been camped out on our living room floor for a week.) I haven’t held one since, but since this year’s election night could be an historic moment for our country — and the end to an incredibly stressful election cycle — I’d like to share it in the comfort of some like-minded friends.

I’m sure I’m not alone here. So I took a look at some digital election night party invitations I can send online. You know, since it’s a little last-minute to be throwing this all together.

(What can I say? Balancing kids, work, and a compulsive need to refresh the polls has kept me busy!)

Surprisingly, many of my go-to online invitation resources had no election night party invitations I liked, if they even had them at all. But I’ve powered through and searched the corners of the web and actually found some pretty great ones. (Good work, Paperless Post!).

Now all you have to do is whip up some comfort food, pour your nerve-calming beverage of choice, and watch that electoral map.

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Cool election night party invitations: Stay non-partisan with this invitation from Paperless Press that just wants you to get out and vote!

Stay non-partisan and encourage your friends to actually GO VOTE with this cute, digital Every Vote Counts election night party invitation at Paperless Post. The illustration style reminds me a little of Schoolhouse Rock, in the best possible way.

Cool election night party invitations: This patriotic party invite from Punchbowl is all-American.

This Red, White, and Blue Patriotic election night part e-invitation at Punchbowl is simple and safe for whichever party you’re supporting. I like the kind of rough-hewn Americana vibe of it, so if you’re all about grassroots activism, this might be the one for you.

Cool election night party invitations: If you're planning a rowdy party, this Donkey v. Elephant invitation from Paperless Press is fun.

Of course, I expected to see some version of a Donkey v. Elephant election night party invitation out there, and this one at Paperless Post is my favorite, thanks to the letterpress look of the design and vintage-style animals. Plus, who can resist a good “party animals” pun?

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Cool election night party invitations: Think positive, with this "celebrate" invitation by 24th and Dune at Minted.

This Stars and Stripes election party invitation by 24th and Dune at Minted is so fun and festive. And you have to love the positivity of celebrating our democracy in action. Of course, it will be more apt if you are, in fact, celebrating your own candidate’s win that night.

Cool election night party invitations: If you're a party divided between both candidates, this invitation from Paperless Post is the one for you.

I admit that while this Color Wars election night invitation from Paperless Post looks fantastic, it reminds me of the gravity of the potential results. (If not the absurd WWF style spectacle of the 2016 election. Oy.  – Eds.) While we imagine most people will be watching the results roll in with kindred political spirits, if you’re up for hosting friends or family who have backed both candidates, whew, more power to you. This may be the invitation for you.

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Cool election night party invitations: For a super-casual party, use this super-casual invitation by Anamaria BC at Minted.

For a totally fun, casual way to invite friends over on election night, try this Hi, there! election night party invitation by Anamaria BC for Minted. (Also at very top.) It’s customizable, so just change “dinner party” to “election party” and you’re all set. You can send it with the black background shown here if you want to feign impartiality (ha), or go straight-up partisan with your choice of blue or red backgrounds. I imagine this might be great for people who plan to spend more time looking up funny election memes online that night, than following the cable news networks unblinkingly and without bathroom breaks.