If you’re like us, these last few weeks of the election have been pretty stressful. Between listening to the rhetoric ourselves and trying to shield our kids (or speak to them about it in a way that makes sense), we’re feeling overwhelmed. So, we decided to talk about self care, and what we like to do when we’re feeling as though we’re about to blow up.

On this episode of Spawned with Kristen and Liz, we share our favorite self-care tips, from bingewatching face-eating vampires (Liz) to meditating on Denzel Washington’s eyes (Kristen), even having sex (gasp!), we’ve got plenty of ways to de-stress and find some serenity now. Because yes, the election is important. But so is your mental health.

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Links from Episode 56

– Here’s what happened when Kristen put her phone away around her kids (if you’re thinking of doing a little social media blackout). Spoiler: It’s liberating!

– If you can’t do a complete social media blackout, here are some tips for how to turn off notifications.

– We’re all for binge watching! Meet the Patels is a fantastic documentary we highly recommend.

– We love adult coloring books, especially the Ryan Gosling one.

– Music can be a great escape. Liz is loving these tiny desk concerts.

– Kristen’s sex book, in case that’s how you cope (we’re all for it).

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Our Cool Picks of the Week

The Everyday Bravery pins by Emily McDowell

Liz: The amazing Everyday Bravery pins from Emily McDowell.

Kristen: Our Cool Mom Picks Halloween mug. Bring on the mommy tax.

Special guest listener Alexis: Strategy card games, like Hanabi and Machi Koro.


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