When you’ve been the littlest in your family your whole entire life, but things are about to get real because a new sibling comes along, you need the book Little Big Girl by Claire Keane. This sweet story about a little girl growing up and getting bigger and bigger (sniff) has captured the imagination and attention of my three kids, as they’re planning to welcome a new little sister very soon.

If you’re looking for a sweet gift to help your child transition to having a new younger sibling, this is it.

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In Little Big Girl, Matisse (the real name of author Claire Keane’s daughter) is a little girl in a big city. She has little shoes, little clothes, but a big personality. When her new baby brother arrives one day, she realizes that she’s not so little after all. And more importantly, she embraces her new responsibilities that come with being a big sister.

Little Big Girl by Claire Keane: A sweet gift for any young girl who is about to become a big sis.

A sweet gift for any new big sister: Little Big Girl by Claire Keane

Little Big Girl by Claire Keane: A sweet gift for a new big sister.

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I love the vintage charm to Keane’s illustrations, which seem to be somewhat influenced by her grandfather Bil Keane — the artist behind a popular 1960s comic strip, The Family Circus. But I also love the modern touches that parents today will appreciate too, like, um, dad taking his turn on diaper duty.

This book is a heartwarming baby shower gift for a friend having a second (or third, or fourth) baby. And it’s a perfect bedtime read for our girls (or boys — my son loves it too) as you’re counting down the days to your newest child’s arrival.

You can find Little Big Girl by Claire Keane at our affiliate Amazon or look for it at your local bookstore or library. 

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