We live in New Mexico, which means our kids look forward to playing in winter’s cold air and occasional snowflakes so much, they’ll dart outside without jackets, socks, or shoes, and — on one memorable occasion — pants. Still, their cold tolerance is low enough that it’s not long before they’re back inside, looking for something else to do.

That’s where these genius playhouses come in. From make-it-yourself to buy-and-install, hallway hangouts to interactive hideaways, each one of these fun indoor playhouses for kids can help turn your house into its own kind of wonderland this winter.

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Handmade cloth card table playhouse

Etsy's Miss Pretty Pretty's genius card table indoor playhouses are simply adorable.

We’ve loved Miss Pretty Pretty’s gorgeous handmade cloth playhouses for years, and they are still among our very favorites for their cool variety of inventive and adorable playhouses that work in any home. So easy to set up — or disassemble when you need the space — the covering slips right over a square card table to form the most perfect little indoor playhouse for kids.

DIY cardboard castle playhouse

Basic boxes turn into the coolest indoor playhouses for kids, as Built By Kids shows us.
Got boxes? Get ready to play! Built by Kids shows that all you need to make a fabulous indoor castle are things you probably have anyway: old cardboard boxes, scraps of fabric, colorful tape, and lots of kid-generated imagination. Click over to get the full list of materials and easy-peasy instructions.

Tented playhouses

Pottery Barn Kids' version of the coolest indoor playhouses for kids: teepees.
Fun to play in and perfect to sleep in, it’s hard to go wrong with a tent. And they’re usually easy to put together — well, maybe not the outdoor, real-camping kind. These A-frame kid versions from Pottery Barn Kids are, though, and super-cute to boot.

Cardboard ice cream truck playhouse

The coolest cardboard indoor playhouses for kids get truckin' with Famous Oto.

With all of the charm of a real ice cream truck (but none of the jingle), Famous Oto’s cardboard ice cream truck uses strong, durable cardboard and fabulous detailed designs to make this indoor playhouse the coolest hangout on the block. The truck is so popular that it’s sold out at the moment, but check back again in February when it’s restocked!

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Design-your-own indoor playhouse. Yes, really!

Amazing! Design your own cardboard playhouse for kids using this app from Pop-Up Play.

We discovered this amazing company last year and of course, had to share it again. You can create a one-of-a-kind indoor playhouse for your kids with PopUp Play’s easy-to-use app that lets you and your kids design exactly the play space they would like best. It’s then shipped to your home, and, once assembled, your kids will have a huge coloring project to complete as well.

Hallway hideaway playhouses

Hallway hideaways by Land of Nod make the coolest indoor playhouses for kids.

Simply hang Land of Nod’s lovely embroidered cotton playhouse in a doorway or out-of-the-way hallway to get it up and running. The skylight window and welcome mat are sweet touches too.

DIY cardboard playhouses

DIY cardboard playhouse ideas from A Beautiful Mess

Many of us parents have turned a big cardboard box into a square hut of sorts but — whoa — we are amazed at how A Beautiful Mess cleverly turns a box into a beautiful home. We found these a year ago, and still cannot stop staring at all the little details in these sweet DIY cardboard playhouses, which are even cooler when you create a village and invite a few neighborhood friends over.

Wooden indoor playhouses

CedarWorks makes some of the coolest indoor playhouses for kids.

CedarWorks’ modern playhouses have eye-catching design (love the clean lines, easy-access for kids, cute cutouts, and chalkboard wall) and smart construction (they’re made with sturdy wood that’s specially treated to be splinter-free). Bonus: they are easy to build.

DIY under-the-table playhouse

Centsational Girl shows us how to make a fun indoor playhouse for kids with just two things: a table and a tablecloth.

If you’re okay with cutting fabric and sewing a few stitches, Centsational Girl has step-by-step instructions for making an incredible tablecloth playhouse like this one that fits right over a dining room table. I love how this indoor playhouse can stay out all winter, or can easily be cleaned up and put away when you have guests over for dinner.

Convertible and interactive playhouses

These ultra-interactive dreamhuts by Yuhuhugs will keep the kids busy all year long.

Yuhuhugs named its playhouse creations “dreamhuts” and it’s easy to see why. Each is well-made and crafted to be ultra-interactive. The designs are outfitted with an illustrated backdrop, a folding table, curtains, shelves, erasable surfaces, and magnet and chalkboard walls. It is splurge-y ($2,995), but when it isn’t in use, it converts into a stylish cabinet that tucks away into any corner. The price we pay for orderliness.

A super splurge-y indoor playhouse

The coolest indoor playhouses for kids get the surf shack treatment from Lilliput Play Homes.

You’ll surely shell out some shekels (trying saying that one five times fast) for Lilliput Play Homes’ unbelievable surf shack/sushi shop, but the nearly $5,000 price tag may burn a bit less when you consider it’s also a bed. A twin-size mattress fits securely into the nook at the top of the playhouse, which is huge (nearly 7 feet long!) and fully decked with sassy signage, windows, and working doors.