We got all excited to do a 2017 Oscars episode on our Spawned podcast until we realized….we hadn’t seen any of the movies. Unless you count a couple of the animated features.

Ah, parenting.

So on this episode of Spawned, we don’t talk about the Oscars at all! ¬†Instead, we laugh (and maybe cry a little) about all the things that change after you have kids. We bet you can relate to a few of them!

Plus, we share our cool picks of the week — and trust us, you’re not going to want to miss those.

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Mug via Fuzzy + Birch

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Cool Picks of the Week 

Arches National Park | © Jon Armstrong used with permission

Liz: The National Park Service Kid in Every Park program gets families into our National Parks free. So cool!
(Photo ©  Jon Armstrong)

Kristen: Go get your personal info and data off the Family Tree website. Now. Yikes.


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