It can be a little tough finding printable Valentine’s Day cards for boys. Now that my son is 6, in just a year he’s gone from happily handing out heart cards to insisting on anything with a lightsaber, a zombie, or ideally, a lightsaber-wielding zombie.

In other words: No embarrassing love stuff.

I know there are a lot of other boys (and girls!) who second that emotion. So I searched the web for fun printable Valentine’s Day cards for kids who are over the sweet stuff, and not quite comfortable with those “you stole my heart, Valentine” messages.

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Valentine's Day cards for boys: Zombie Printables by KudzuMonster

Printable Zombie Valentines | KudzuMonster
The “ick” factor could get up there when you’re dealing with zombies that have lollipops piercing their heads, but there’s something about these that push the idea more into the this-is-awesome side. ($5.75 for the digital download)


Valentine's Day cards for boys: Whoopee Cushion Valentines by Paging Supermom

Free Printable Whoopee Cushion Valentine’s Day Cards | Paging Supermom
Just the very idea of whoopee cushion valentines makes me laugh — so I have no doubt that kids will enjoy them too. Apologies to teachers and parents everywhere.


Valentine's Day cards for boys: Star Wars Valentines by Paper and PasticheFree Printable Star Wars Valentines | Paper and Pastiche
These simple printables are totally perfect for every Star Wars super fan to give his or her super friends.

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Valentine's Day cards for boys: Monster Puppet Valentines by Small for Big
Free Printable Monster Puppet Valentines
 | Small for Big
From card to finger puppet in just a few snips! These are a great choice for littler kids who still love the concept of “cute.”

Valentine's Day cards for boys: Ninjago LEGO cards by Over the Big Moon

Free Printable LEGO Ninjago Valentine’s Card and Candy Wrappers | Over the Big Moon
Just print out the LEGO head graphics, wrap them around miniature candy bars, and stick to the printable Ninjago cards. Fun and free!


Valentine's Day cards for boys: A sweet (heh) idea by Marci Coombs.

Printable Darth Vader Oreo Valentines | Marci Coombs
Proving there is never a shortage of Star Wars puns, Oreos and Darth Vader join forces (heh!) in this awesome printable. ($5 for the digital download) 

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Valentine's Day cards for boys: Printable Dinosaur Valentines by About A Mom

Free Printable Dinosaur Valentines | About A Mom
Any kid who gets one of these cute Cretaceous-inspired cards just has to grin.

 Valentine's Day cards for boys: Harry Potter Valentines from Pieces by Polly

Free Printable Harry Potter Valentines | Pieces by Polly
Because you just know Harry Potter has a few love spells up his sleeve, and they probably sound a lot like this one.


Valentine's Day cards for boys: Shark Valentines by KudzuMonster

Printable Shark Valentines | KudzuMonster 
Despite the sharp teeth and ominous shark snout, the only thing truly fishy about these cards (also shown at top) are the Goldfish crackers (or Swedish fish will work too!) that you add to the pack before giving them out. ($5.75 for the digital download)


Valentine's Day cards for boys: You Rock Valentines by Zakka Life

Free Valentine’s Day Rock Guitar Printables | Zakka Life
Crank the dial to 11. I love that these fun (and free!) paper Flying V guitar printables are also rockin’ lollipop-covers.


Valentine's Day cards for boys: Zombie Apocalypse Printables by Bren Did

Zombie Apocalypse Free Printables | Bren Did

You might not expect Valentine’s Day cards featuring rather realistic pictures of brains and hearts to be “aw”-worthy, but these free, funny zombie printables totally nail it.

Valentine's Day cards for boys: Glow sticks printable by See Vanessa Craft

Free Glow Sticks Valentine’s Day Printables | See Vanessa Craft
I’ve never met a kid who met a glow stick he didn’t like (er, something like that, anyway), so this lovely-but-not-lovey free printable from is sure to be a classroom hit. All you need is a printer, and the glow sticks.


Valentine's Day cards for boys: Superhero Valentines by Ashlee Proffitt

Free Printable Superhero Valentine’s Day Cards | Ashlee Proffitt
It’s impossible to not appreciate the true powers of slick superhero cards like these.


Valentine's Day cards for boys: Monster Valentines by Makoodle

Free Printable Monster Valentines | Makoodle
These monstrously clever bag toppers are the perfect blend of cute-meets-tough for kids around Kindergarten age or so.


Valentines Day cards for boys: Free David Bowie Printable Valentines by The House That Lars Built

Free Printable David Bowie Valentines | The House That Lars Built
We can’t get enough of these amazing Bowie valentines, and there’s absolutely no doubt that slightly older kids with a retro-cool sensibility will dig giving out some glam.

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Valentine's Day cards for boys: Star Wars cards by The Idea Room

Star Wars Free Valentine’s Day Printables | The Idea Room
With cheeky sayings and some of the cutest hand-drawn Star Wars characters in the galaxy, these free printables take Tic Tacs to a whole other level.

Valentine's Day cards for boys: Minecraft Creeper Cards by Simple As That

Minecraft Free Printable Valentine’s Cards and Gum Wrapper | Simple As That
We’ve loved these Minecraft printable valentines since we first saw them, and our devotion has not waned (nor has our kids’ for the game itself). The Creeper wrapper is just big enough to slide around a pack of gum, and the card is ideal for any gamer.


Valentine's Day cards for boys: Fun Monster Valentines by Just A Girl and Her Blog

Free Printable Monster Valentines | Just A Girl and Her Blog

The eyes on these little guys are actually finger puppets that you can get at most craft stores, then attach to this free printable that’s fun for all ages, really.