If you’re excited about the new American Girl boy doll that was just announced, we’ve found a mom-run company at this year’s Toy Fair that’s already making boy dolls that are diverse, too.

Created by two sisters who wanted their sons to have quality dolls that looked like them and were ready for adventure, Boy Story currently makes Mason and Billy, two fully articulated 18″ plush and vinyl boy action dolls that can be purchased together or separately, with lots of accessories, clothes, and adventure books (sound familiar?), coming soon.

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BoyStory Adventure Dolls: Cool boy dolls for kids



BoyStory makes Equality Action dolls to support the UN Women's #HeForShe campaign.

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You can also buy special edition Equality Action Dolls to benefit the UN Women’s #HeForShe campaign, with 33% of each sale going directly to fund UN Women’s work to advance gender equality. And they’re in pink and black soccer uniforms. How awesome is that?

They’re priced similarly to American Girl Doll (aka not cheap), but they’re beautifully made (says Kristen who got to see them in person). Of course, there are only two skin tones right now, but we bet as they grow in popularity, we hope they’ll be adding more soon. Hooray for a company that’s giving boys and girls cool dolls to play with and breaking down stereotypes in the process.