I am especially egg-cited¬†about¬†these egg-ceptionally (ha!) fun and easy Easter crafts made entirely with household objects. No schlepping to the store, no waiting¬†in line, no expensive price tags…just good old-fashioned crafting with what we have laying around at home.

Because when it comes to crafting, my kids and I share the same belief: The fewer trips to the craft supply store, the better.

At top: Cork bunnies for Easter |instructions at Willowday


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Fun and easy Easter crafts with household objects: Cupcake Liner Bunnies by I Heart Crafty Things

Cupcake Liner Bunnies

These sweet Easter bunnies by I Heart Crafty Things prove that only good things come from cupcake liners (even if not actual cupcakes). Click over to get all her pro tips, including how to make those perfect teardrop-shaped bunny ears.


Fun and easy Easter crafts with household objects: T-Shirt Yarn Bunnies by Red Ted Art
T-Shirt Yarn Bunnies Easter Craft

Red Ted Art has an easy-to-follow tutorial for how to strip all those old, never-to-be-worn-again T-shirts into yarn, and then loop-and-knot to create the most adorable yarn bunnies.¬†Don’t they look like they have the perfect amount of squish?


Fun and easy Easter crafts with household objects: Rooster Easter Egg Holder by Tuteate Y
Rooster Easter Egg Holder

If you want to make an easy Easter craft from household objects, we know you have an egg carton lying around, right? Although¬†we discovered this egg carton rooster by Tuteate Y last year, we knew we just had to feature him again this year because he’s just so darn cool looking. The instructions are in Spanish, but hey — that’s what Google Translate is for.

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Fun and easy Easter crafts with household objects: Cork Bunnies by Willowday
Cork Bunnies Easter Craft

If you have a few spare champagne corks — or can manage¬†to find¬†some after a few rounds of Easter brunch mimosas (heh) — these cork bunnies¬†by¬†Willowday (also shown at top) are a sweet and easy project. Check her site for all the supplies you need; but if you don’t have a glue gun or washi tape, I’ll bet you can wing it with whatever glue and tape you do have at home.


Fun and easy Easter crafts with household objects: Spoon Bunnies by Krokotak
Spoon Bunnies Easter Craft

We¬†discovered these easy-breezy plastic spoon rabbits by Krokotak last year as an easy Easter craft made with household objects, and it easily became a cool¬†craft that is¬†high on our list of all-time favorites. Now you can¬†finally make use of all those leftover take-out spoons that you can’t seem to ditch¬†(um, that’s not just me, is it?).


Fun and easy Easter crafts with household objects: Coffee Filter Watercolor Eggs by Artzy Creations

Coffee Filter Watercolor Easter Egg Craft

Artzy Creations may just have turned us onto¬†the prettiest possible use of spare coffee filters. That is, if you haven’t used them all up yet, coffee lovers — hey, mornings can be hard! But this Easter craft definitely isn’t, and she’s got all the details at her site.

We love Melanie’s¬†idea to¬†tie them together with ribbon for a¬†festive garland. Another idea: Once dried, you could add people’s names to them and use them as place¬†cards for your¬†Easter brunch.

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Fun and easy Easter crafts with household objects: Bottle Cap Flower by I Heart Crafty Things

Bottle Cap Flower

Our house has an abundance of bottle caps that I just¬†knew would come in handy someday. Well, someday is today! I’m smitten with I Heart Crafty Things ideas for¬†turning a mundane object into something pretty for spring, making it a very smart Easter craft with a household object we can all easily find somewhere.

She shares more ideas on her blog, so be sure to check it out, but I adore this Easter flower, which we also featured in our roundup of easy flower craft ideas for kids.

Fun and easy Easter crafts with household objects: Chick and Lamb Easter Craft by Vicky Barone
Chick and Lamb Easter Craft

It’s¬†practically guaranteed that if you have kids, you¬†already have everything you need for these craft cuties by Vicky Barone. Although if you¬†don’t have googly eyes or feathers¬†on hand it’s okay — improvise with paper cutouts, fabric scraps, buttons, or whatever other objects you do have in your craft bin.

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Fun and easy Easter crafts from household objects: Spring Chicks Egg Carton Craft by Typically Simple

Spring Chicks Egg Carton Craft

I seriously giggle (out loud, by myself, at my desk) whenever I look at these cute little¬†birdies with a tutorial found at¬†Typically Simple —¬†there’s something about them that’s just so bouncy¬†and happy. Her instructions make this look like such a fun, easy Easter craft¬†that I think¬†I wouldn’t be able to¬†stop at a dozen!


Fun and easy Easter crafts with household objects: Q-Tip Easter Bunny Craft by Meaningful Mama

Q-Tip Easter Bunny Craft

This absolutely adorable Easter bunny craft by Meaningful Mama forgoes a cottontail in favor of¬†a cotton face. At first glance, it looks a bit challenging to glue all of those fuzzy¬†cotton swabs¬†into perfectly concentric circles. But, really, if you read her tips (ha, tips!), it’s actually pretty easy. Which should make even our¬†littlest crafters hoppy. Er,¬†happy.