Like we’re not going to have enough fun at our seder this year with our new Hamilton Haggadah, now I find this: An awesome set of free printable Passover 10 plague finger puppets found at Tori Avey’s blog.

Oh, like you already have a Cute Cartoony Person Infected with Lice finger puppet lying around? I don’t think so.

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The truth is, as morbid as the plagues are when you really start to break them down (especially that tenth one, yeesh) the seriously adorable drawings from artist Brenda Ponnay (A.K.A. Secret Agent Josephine) make them incredibly fun. Especially the wild beasts, represented by what seems to be a very angry gopher.

He looks as hangry as the rest of us get halfway through our seder each year. Pass the matzah.

Download the free printable Passover 10 plague finger puppets by Brenda Ponay at

(thanks Christina!)