We’re all about women in STEM here at CMP, so I was stoked to discover Launch Ladies, a new children’s board book celebrating the inspiring women who’ve pioneered in the field of space exploration but may not be household names like their male counterparts. Yet.

But, as we learned in Hidden Figures, they totally should be.

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The Launch Ladies children's book features trailblazers like astronaut Dr. Mae Jemison. So cool!

The Launch Ladies book, which was entirely funded through Kickstarter, gives these engineers, computer scientists and astronauts the recognition they deserve for their contributions in the field of space.

Which happens to include launching rockets and masterminding the upcoming mission to Mars, NBD.

I’ll be getting a copy of the book for my son, so by the time he’s ready to play astronaut, Katherine Johnson will be just as much a part of his vocabulary as Neil Armstrong or, uh, Buzz Lightyear.

You can check out the Launch Ladies board book on the author’s website