It’s swimsuit shopping season again, which is increasingly becoming a challenge for those of us with tween daughters. And, I get it: Mine doesn’t want to show up to the pool in the same swimsuit as our 5-year-old neighbor. And yet, I don’t want her dabbling in those skin-baring swimsuits and teeny bikinis that she’s seeing the “cool” older kids wearing.

So we all did a whole lot of searching for those of you in the same boat, finding some truly cool swimsuits for tweens and teens that are stylish, modest, and let’s be honest…appropriate.

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Cool, age-appropriate swimsuits for tweens and teens: Scallop two-piece at Old Navy

If she wants a one-shouldered bathing suit…

Scallop-edged swimsuits are everywhere this year, as are the one-shouldered swimsuits that may feel a little sexy for our growing girls. A great compromise is this scallop-cut two piece swimsuit at Old Navy that has a second thin strap to keep that top up when she dives in! Plus, the modest bandeau style top is just my speed.

Cool, age-appropriate swimsuits for tweens and teens: Splatter paint two-piece at Nununu

If she wants a swimsuit with an edgy pattern…

We’re huge fans of Nununu’s swimwear because their designs are so wildly cool and they even last for a few years. This splatter paint two-piece swimsuit for girls features a bold and edgy print that feels a bit like graffiti, making it a hipper alternative to all the cutesy polka dots the toddlers are wearing. Plus that halter tankini top is a fantastically chic shape and not revealing in the least.

Cool, age-appropriate swimsuits for tweens and teens: Tribal two-piece at Target

If she really wants to move on from tankinis

We get it — she wants to show a little more skin than the tankini a lot of parents rely on for their little girls. But hey, two-pieces don’t have to be teeny bikinis! You can compromise, with an option like this bold tribal bikini for girls we found at Target. The sporty cut on the high-neck top is reassuring for an active girl who doesn’t want to worry about her swimsuit coverage while she’s doing cannonballs at the pool, while the halter cut feels more modern than your classic Speedo-style tankini top. In terms of coverage, the top offers a nice compromise between a tankini top and something smaller.

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Cool, age-appropriate swimsuits for tweens and teens: Floral cut-out at Old Navy

If she wants a bathing suit with cutouts…

Yes, this is a huge trend this year (we get it!), but oof, there’s a lot of sexiness in these styles. So we spent a lot of time tracking down an option that’s not too revealing with this black floral cut-out girls swimsuit at Old Navy. It’s still on trend, but without showing more skin than you might be comfortable with.


Cool, age-appropriate swimsuits for tweens and teens: Metallic bikini at J. Crew

If she wants a metallic swimsuit…

Metallics are still so chic right now in everything from clothing to metallic shoes (check our picks for those too — so cute!)  to accessories to, yep, swimwear. But I’d feel better about my tween daughter in a swimsuit that isn’t too Las Vegas flashy. I was so happy to find this silver metallic cropped bikini at J. Crew (also at very top). The ample coverage on the top plus the touch of sweet femininity from the hip ruching on the bottom makes it the right balance of young, fun, and appropriately kid-like. Because, I’m not ready for my baby girl to grow up so fast!


Cool, age-appropriate swimsuits for tweens and teens: Sporty two-piece at Appaman

If she is begging for a string bikini…

Try a swimsuit that offers a string look without the fear of some annoying kid at the pool pulling the string…and suddenly she’s living a Judy Blume moment.  We found this sporty Appaman two-piece swimsuit for girls at Zappos and it’s definitely one we could both agree on! The mix of patterns really on trend, and the funky cut of the back of the bikini makes it feel sophisticated without looking provocative.



Cool, age-appropriate swimsuits for teens and tweens: Star shirtini by Nununu

If she needs to cover up more but still wants to look cool in her swimsuit…

The good news for girls who burn easily (or get cold in the lake!) is that rash guards are super popular. Primary just launched a lot of mix and match rash guards we really love in fun primary colors. But if she wants to make more of a style statement, consider a shirtini with a little edge — a hard thing to find! This star shirtini swimsuit for girls, also from Nununu, checks all the boxes.

Liz recently checked out a sample that the company sent for review and she gives the fit, the style, and the quality the cool mom seal of approval. And so does her almost 10-year-old.

Girls animal print bikini from Justice: One moms and daughters can agree on!

If she wants an animal print swimsuit…

If she’s thinking leopard print or python, and you’re like…no, we hear you. Although animal prints can be super cute on kids, they can also look a little adult on growing tweens and young teens. So we looked at Justice (don’t panic!) and found this cute animal patchwork flounce bikini for girls. The bright colors keep it youthful, and that flounce on top is trendy while providing a bit more cover. Plus, just say “Justice” and she’ll be sold.