With the massive popularity of fidget spinners, it was only a matter of time before we found a DIY project for making your own. Fortunately this one doesn’t require an engineering degree or even a 3-D printer: Just some basic LEGO pieces.

The very clever Sarah at Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls (F.K.A. Frugal Fun for Boys and my girls in particular thank her for the name change!) has put together a terrific tutorial on how to build your own LEGO fidget spinner. Click over and find detailed photos, step-by-step directions, and even links to purchasing the right round tiles and axles, should you not have one at home.

Something tells me we have our next rainy day weekend craft project cut out for us.

Find instructions for how to build your own LEGO fidget spinner at the aptly named Frugal fun for Boys and Girls.