Mother’s Day jewelry comes in the most wonderful array of shapes, sizes, colors, and styles, which is perfect, because, so do moms.

And for the sweet, smart, subtle mom who likes her necklaces the same way, we’ve found an especially clever Mother’s Day jewelry gift idea: this lovely Shadow Heart Necklace at Uncommon Goods.

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Mother's Day gift idea: Shadow Heart Necklace by Uncommon Goods
When caring for his parents (his mom was fighting cancer, and his dad had lost his vision), artist Hiro Yuki found inspiration in the idea that “love is invisible, but ever present.” He designed this necklace with that sentiment in mind, and the result is this simple but elegant silver-finished pendant that casts the clear shadow of a heart when it catches the light.

We love that such an understated necklace can make such a powerful statement. And, without a shadow of a doubt, we know Mom will love it too.

You can purchase this meaningful Shadow Heart Necklace ($89) at Uncommon Goods.