Last week, my son and I visited the Innovator’s Fair here in Philadelphia and discovered our newest board game obsession: Maze Racers. It combines creativity and building with mazes in a super fun way. Let’s just say, we’re all addicted. Including me.

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The game comes with two magnetic boards, a bunch of small magnetized foam pieces in various shapes and sizes, and marbles. Using the pieces, each player creates their own maze (like a Labyrinth, if you ever played with those), then passes their board to their opponent. The goal is to get to the end of the maze (and back, if you’re feeling daring) before the other person. Or, they can use the included timer to see how fast they can each do the same maze. And, yes, they can even play it solo, creating and then beating their own mazes. (Though, pro tip: Take a photo of your kid’s creations so he can refer back to them!)

I’m amazed (heh, get it?) at how creative kids can get in making these mazes, and how perfect the game is for kids of all ages. My 6-year-old has just as much fun as my 10-year-old. And me, well, I find it oddly relaxing and meditative.

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For just over $30, my guess is you’ll get lots of play time with this game, whether you’re stuck inside on a hot (or rainy day), or you’re on a road trip. Yes, there are lots of pieces, but they’re all magnetized (except for the marbles), so they’re thankfully not too hard to keep track of.

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