As parents, aren’t we always looking for fun new ways to teach our kids? And there’s never been an easier way to reinforce the ABC’s than with these adorable new alphabet socks by Kids in Socks.

We love these because they’re not just practical; they’re also educational. Each pair of socks has a colorful image that corresponds to the letter on the other foot. So now you can make getting dressed or matching socks from the laundry a fun learning game. How genius is that?

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Kids in Socks alphabet socks -- brilliant!


The socks are a totally reasonable $14.99 for a 3-pack, so really, you won’t be spending a small fortune on socks just to spell out your little one’s name. (Well, unless, their name is Maximilian or Genevieve. But that’s what nicknames are for, right?)

And for those wee ones who are more enthusiastic spellers, the entire alphabet costs $100, which is actually a pretty good deal for 26 pairs. I think as a gift, these are brilliant for a baby shower, a birthday, or well, anytime that a kid needs a drawer full of new socks.

Visit the Kids In Socks online store to purchase your pairs of alphabet socks, with free shipping (whoo!).