Since my husband and I sleep with our 3-month-old in ourĀ bedroom, I wanted to share some of the more gorgeous baby bassinets I’ve come across as a new mom. Because I know I don’t want to look at swirls of neon plastic every time I lay my exhausted head down on my pillow.

The good news is there are lots of great looking baby bassinets out there for those new parents like me, who are still in the sharing-a-room-with-baby phase. And I found four of them with such clean lines and great design, that while you will probably spend more for these than your standard issue baby bassinet, these just might be the most beautiful thing in the house.
Besides the baby. Of course.
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Gorgeous bassinets: SNOO Sleeper | Happiest Baby

It’s no secret that all of us here at Cool Mom Picks worship Harvey Karp, so I took notice when he released theĀ SNOO Sleeper, for babies up to 6 months old, which promises to help take care of a few of those beloved fiveĀ S’s for you.

In addition to stunningly good looks, it offers a built-in swaddler, and tech features like white noise and an automatic rocking motion to lull baby to sleep. Um, yeah, I’d say I’m pretty jealous of anyone who gets to have this bassinet at their bedside.

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Gorgeous bassinets: Monte Ninna Nanna Bassinet at Land of Nod

ThisĀ Monte Ninna Nanna BassinetĀ I spotted at at Land of Nod is an adorable bassinet for babies in their first few months. I love that it channels a sweet, wooden rocking horse aesthetic while also looking cool and modern. Bonus: That gorgeous micro-suede basket cover is removable and machine-washable, which you will be grateful for, new parents. Even if you don’t know it just yet.

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Gorgeous bassinets: Offi Nest Bassinet at 2Modern

Speaking of gorgeous baby bassinets, thisĀ Offi Nest BassinetĀ at Wayfair (or your local high-end baby furniture boutique) could totally pass for a work of modern art. And I love that it magically transforms — well, with the help of an instruction manual — into a play table or toy bin when the baby has graduated to crib sleeping in his own room. Great news, considering you’re going to want to hang onto this beauty for as long as possible.


Gorgeous bassinets: Babybay Bedside Sleeper | Babybay

If you want something modern but a little softer, I had the chance to try out theĀ Babybay bedside sleeperĀ (and big thanks to the company for sending CMP a sample for consideration). I adore the natural wood finish and sturdy construction, and the co-sleeper style; it’s actually designed so that one wall of the bassinet fits flush and secure to an adult bed (you can check the dimensions at their website to see if it would fit correctly attached to your bed).

If you want to sleep next to your baby while giving him his own separate, safer space, this could be the option for you. UPDATE: And if he’s ready for a small crib of his own? A separate kit can convert the bedside co-sleeper into one, or even into a child’s bench when he’s outgrown that and moved on to an even bigger crib. Love that kind of practicality.