On this week’s episode of the Spawned podcast, we are excited to welcome Dr. Harvey Karp, of Happiest Baby on the Block fame, though he virtually needs no introduction. We’re so excited he joined us to answer some of parents most difficult questions about sleep, whether they’ve got newborns or, uh…tweens.

We appreciate his common sense, non-judgmental approach to sleep, not to mention some of the tips that saved our own lives when we were new parents.

(If you know his genius 5 S’s, you know just what we mean.)


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-Whether it’s okay to co-sleep

-The surprising age at which a baby should be sleeping through the night

-The two types of white noise, and which one is best for sleep

-Whether “sleep training” is good or bad

-Why sleep regression a real thing — and why you shouldn’t blame yourself.

-How to teach a toddler patience and how that helps with sleep routines

-How to help kids sleep if they weren’t good sleepers as babies

-Tips to help get kids relaxed and ready to bed

-What to do with a 5 year old who won’t stay in bed

-How you can respond to other parents who ask, “is your baby sleeping through the night?” (Which is much better than the snarky answers in our own heads, to be honest.)

-Why what you say to your child is as important as how you say it

-Why asking for help with your baby is never a bad thing

The new SNOO Smart Sleeper, a self-rocking cradle developed by sleep expert Dr. Harvey Karp

Plus Dr. Karp talks about his cool new high-tech, sleep-promoting cradle, the SNOO Smart Sleeper, which you can read more about on Cool Mom Tech and on Dr. Karp’s own site, HappiestBaby.com



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EWG Healthy Living app lets you review ingredients and product ratings right in the store by scanning the bar code

Dr. Karp: The EWG Healthy Living app helps you read bar codes right at the store to examine the ingredient list for safety precautious.

Kristen: The Timeless TV series on NBC is like sci-fi meets historical drama.

Liz: Madlenka by Peter Sis, is a favorite children’s book in our roundup of some of the best books for kids about the immigrant experience.


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