There’s a lot of chatter going around that things just haven’t been right with the world since Prince and David Bowie left it. I’m kind of in agreement. So I’m all for bringing them back in any way possible — like this totally rad “Carry Me Home” Bowie and Prince enamel tribute pin by designer Ice Cream Color for the shop Laser Kitten.

I’d say it deserves a home on as many lapels, handbags, and cool-teen/tween backpacks as possible.

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Two of my very favorite artists of all time, together, riding a pink and purple unicorn off to some Legends of Gender-Fluidity Rock concert tour in the sky!

What’s not to love? Especially considering it’s probably what they’re doing right now at this very moment.

That is, if you believe in pink and purple unicorns.

Find the Bowie and Prince enamel tribute pin online at Laser Kitten. h/t Brooklyn Based