My girls are totally infatuated with bath bombs, ever since my middle schooler joined a Harry Potter Potions after-school science club (so cool, right?) and made her own handmade bath bomb. So when I started combing our neighborhood looking for one for a gift, well turns out they’re sold out everywhere in Brooklyn.

Which means bath bombs are officially A Thing.

So I poked around on Amazon to find some for my younger daughter’s birthday and went with the highly rated bath bombs by Lifearound2angels. Handmade bath and beauty products can be a crapshoot and I’m picky, but I liked the gifty look of the packaging, and I knew Sage would dig the colors and scents.


Fabulous handmade, natural bath bombs from LifeAround2Angels on Etsy

I love that they’re all-natural, handmade by a mom out of California, and the smells are quite nice without being overwhelming. Because no one wants to bathe in a fruit salad.

(Well, no one over about 22.)

My girls first went for the sweet scents like Mango Papaya, the vanilla-y Birthday Cake and Kiwi Strawberry; I gravitate more to the herbal scents like Lemongrass Green Tea (divine!) and Lavender.

Plus they do what they’re supposed to do in the bathtub, which is fizz, soften the water a bit, and get the kids 100% more excited for bath time. But beyond kids, they’d be a great gift for a grandma, a nanny, a new mom who needs a little pampering or just an affordable pick-me-up for yourself.

The only disappointment is my fault: I wish I had searched the web and discovered the Lifearound2angels Etsy shop first. Turns out the bath bomb 12-pack there costs a little less (though without free Prime shipping) and bonus: You get to pick your own scents.

Good, because I’d love to try the citrus-mint scent called Spark. Mmmm.

Find the bath bombs by Lifearound2angels at our affiliates Amazon or at the Lifearound2angels Etsy shop.