The effortlessly cool backpacks and lunchboxes from SoYoung have been topping our lists of favorite back-to-school gear for years. And now our favorite durable, long-lasting, raw linen backpacks and lunch packs have gotten even cooler (yes, it is possible) because they’ve collaborated with artist Ali Sabet to unleash some illustrated magic in the new SoYoung x Pixopop back-to-school collection.

Half doodle-y daydream, half graffiti-like street art, this world of Tokidoki-esque original characters by Ali Sabet of Pixipop could be a top contender for your kid’s next favorite cartoon creatures. And ours.

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SoYoung x Pixopop Lunchbox | SoYoung

Pixipop x Soyoung's new collab brings anime style illustrations to durable, raw linen backpacks and lunch bags for kids |

SoYoung x Pixopop Adult Cooler | SoYoung

I know I’m not the only mom taken with Pixopop’s quirky, cheerful aesthetic, and luckily for me, they’ve worked with SoYoung to create this gorgeous lunch cooler bag for adults that’s perfect for toting lunch to the office or the pool. But I know a lot of our older girls will love it too.

Now they just need to design a diaper bag, and I’ll be all set. Hint hint, SoYoung?

Check out the whole cast of magical creatures on the new Pixopop x SoYoung backpacks and lunch cooler bags for kids and adults. And make haste! Because we predict this limited edition collection may not last long.