The trend of fun, retro makeup for adults is taking retailers by storm. It may seem crazy, but you can now find your favorite animated characters from your childhood on professional  — i.e. adult — collections of lipstick, blush, toner, masks, brushes and more.

From My Little Pony and Hello Kitty to classic Disney characters and Harry Potter,  it’s as if uncertain times are compelling adults to recapture some of the innocence of their youth where they can.

And while we’ve seen some articles that have essentially shamed adults into “not acting like kids” with cute co-branded makeup, we’re thinking that little indulgences that make you happy are way way underrated.

Hey, if a magical sparkly lip gloss helps you feel like you’re reclaiming your power in some way; or you get an ironic trip back to memory lane every time you pull out a Little Mermaid blush brush, then we say, go for it.

Dash for Rainbow Dash gloss. Dust on some fairy dust shadow. Just because we’ve got to pay bills, raise kids, and make the world a better place for them every chance we get, doesn’t mean we can’t also retain a little of the magic of childhood.

If only deep in our cosmetic bags.

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Fun makeup for adults: Shu-Uemura Super Mario

Shu-Uemura’s Super Mario Cosmetic Collection

As a former Nintendo-obsessed gamer, the first time I saw the Super Mario line of cosmetics on Cool Mom Tech, I heard the sound of grabbing gold animated coins. Ding! Yep, there was a time in my life when I was a champion Mario Bros. competitor, closely followed by Mario Kart and of course Bubble Bobble. If you have similar memories, imagine the nostalgia of starting your day with this Super Mario Collection — even if we now know princesses can well rescue themselves.

Launching in select stores November 1st.

Fun makeup for adults: Pur My Little Pony

Pur My Little Pony: The Movie Collection

It’s a bit mind-blowing that this line didn’t come sooner, right? I mean think about it: the ponies are named for colors and the attitude you most relate to whether it’s partying or sparkling. Yes, unicorns are on trend this season. But the Ponies were the originals. And can I just say… Glitter!

From $16 for a single gloss to $29 for the My Little Pony eyeshadow collection seen here, to $168 for the full collection, Pur Cosmetics

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Storybook cosmetics wizard wand set of cosmetic brushes and tools. So cool!

Storybook Cosmetics’ Harry Potter inspired magical cosmetics collection

Wicked. Magical. Epic. Genius. All ways to describe whomever knew Harry Potter-inspired colors would be amazing in a lip gloss container. The upcoming colors are spell-binding — where else might you find a blue lip wand? Yep. Storybook Cosmetics. Unfortunately you have to wait until fall for them.

But in the meanwhile, they’ve got some plenty of original storybook cosmetics that are “inspired by” magical stories in general, like a quill and ink liquid eyeliner brush, and the cool wizard wand makeup tools and brushes seen here in rose gold. So cool!

$39-55, Storybook Cosmetics. No price yet on the lip glosses.

Alice through the looking glass Sephora cosmetics collection

Sephora’s Alice Through The Looking Glass Palette

Alice Through the Looking Glass has always been a story that’s left me mesmerized with wonder. And that’s exactly why Sephora has created the Alice Through the Looking Glass Palette. You can relive the Alice fantasy that you see on screen every day in your own looking glass. Okay, maybe it’s actually your bathroom mirror. Or is it?

$88.90, Amazon

Peter Thomas Roth Hello Kitty Gel Mask gets high ratings, and not just for cuteness

Peter Thomas Roth Hello Kitty Rose Repair Gel Mask

Hello Kitty. Hello, Gorgeous. Hello Kitty has always been a hot item in fashion and makeup and now high-end clinical skin brand Peter Thomas Roth is jumping in with a biotechnological combo of rose plant stem cells and rose extracts in a cooling gel to “improve the look of skin vitality.” Back when I was a kid obsessing over Hello Kitty, I definitely would not have known what that meant; let alone needing to worry about my “skin vitality.” But, here we are. Best yet, the product gets high ratings, and not just for cuteness.

$52, Peter Thomas Roth Clinical Skin Care


Fun makeup for adults: Sephora Disney Minnie Mouse Collection

Sephora’s Disney Minnie Mouse Collection

Black, red, white. The standards. The classics. The originals. And the trademark colors of Disney’s Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Sephora’s Disney Minnie Mouse collection is exquisite. Why use your regular old mirror when you can have a golden bow on your sparkling new compact? This collection shines with luxury and sophistication. I can’t wait to add the entire line to my personal collection.

$32-$185, Amazon


Besamé's retro 1937 Snow White Cosmetics Collection

Bésame 1937 Disney Snow White Collection

Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? With Bésame’s vintage Disney Snow White Collection, it could be you! Snow White has always been known for her cherry lips and that ravenous hair, and now you can steal her color palette in this new Snow White Collection. You don’t even have to wait for Prince Charming to channel your inner princess.

Sign up for notifications about the Bésame Cosmetics’ Snow White Collection launch this fall; prices estimated $15-68. 

Lora Cosmetics Beauty and the Beast cosmetics

Lorac’s Beauty and the Beast Cosmetics Collection 

Inspired by Belle’s strength and beauty, the Lorac Beauty and the Beast Collection is hoping to take you on a magic journey of enchantment through shadows, blush, and lipsticks. (Although isn’t that kind of what all cosmetics do for us?) The colors come in clever shades like Romance, Our Guest, and Beast Mode. What I love best about it? The lovely rose design making the packaging as gorgeous as the makeup colors.

$28-$48, Lorac

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Storybook Cosmetics Belle-inspired rose makeup brushes are works of art

Storybook Cosmetics’ Rose Brushes

What does a girl need to put on her Belle makeup? Why Belle inspired brushes, of course. So we turn to Storybook Cosmetics and their Rose Brushes. They’re “original designs” not officially licensed by Disney, but you know. Belle and roses. I love that the brushes look like works of art, and the pouch they come in does too.

$55/set, Storybook Cosmetics


Deco mermaid cosmetic brushes: Gorgeous and playful at once

Saucebox Deco Mermaid Cosmetics Brushes

Look at this brush. Isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete? With these mermaid brushes by Saucebox, why yes… they would most definitely complete a collection. It’s the same luxurious whimsy that Ariel would covet with her thingamabobs, and no mermaids were harmed in the making of these brushes. That we know of.

$8.99 each or $49.99/set. Pre-order now for 2-3 week shipping.




Sephora and Disney's limited edition compacts featuring Snow White and Anna and Elsa

Sephora Disney Princess Compacts

The gorgeous Disney themed compact mirrors at Sephora were launched in 2016 but remain wildly chic — and clearly on-trend. If a cool graphic representation of Snow White or Elsa or Anna will make you happy every time you look in the mirror, mirror in your hand…then go for it.

$32, Sephora

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Fun makeup for adults: Sally Hansen Crayola Nail Polish

Sally Hansen Crayola Nail Colors

While obviously not a character from a favorite book or movie, this line still brings back childhood in a most fun way.  Sally Hansen has teamed up with Crayola to create a color palette that’s way out of the box. (Ha.) Colors include Razzmatazz, Cerulean, Scarlet, Vivid Violet, Denim, Wild Strawberry, Sunset Orange, Carnation Pink, White, Purple Heart, Granny Smith Apple, and Dandelion — despite the Dandelion crayon being retired this year. Well, maybe more people will use it on their nails than they did on construction paper. A-list teacher gift idea!

$4.09 each, Target