Kawaii gifts for your most favorite happy fun girl

Kawaii gifts for kids: bunny backpack

If you know someone into kawaii, we’ve got the cutest of the cute kawaii gifts we’ve seen. If you know someone into kawaii and you have no idea what that means, just trust us. You’re in good hands here.

All gifts have been editorially determined by our staff, there is no compensation in exchange for picks. CMP is an rstyle and Amazon affiliate. Discount codes expire 12/31/15.


Kawaii bunny backpack

This is where the phrase “dying from the cuteness” came from. ($30.90 at Syndrome)


Kawaii gifts for kids: Nerdy narwhal laptop sleeve

Nerdy narwhal laptop sleeve

Because every girl needs her own narwhal.  ($27.40 by Sugarhai on Zazzle)

Kawaii gifts for kids: Hello Kitty platform sneakers

Hello Kitty platform sneakers

Kind of the best sneakers ever. ($58 on sale at Sanrio)


Kawaii gifts for kids: Silver happy hearts necklace

Silver happy hearts necklace

It’s true — we’re happy just looking at it. ($40 at Shana Logic)

Kawaii gifts for kids: Studio Ghibli wallet

Studio Ghibli wallet

Totoro, Ponyo, Jiji, Kaonashi, Kittenbus, Yuki, Sootballs…it’s actually a little scary how many of these wonderful animated characters¬†we recognize. ($10 at The Purple Hedgehog)


Kawaii gifts for kids: Panda’s dream white hand cream

Panda’s dream white hand cream

No pandas were harmed in the making of this Tony Moly hand cream.  ($17 at Urban Outfitters)

Kawaii gifts for kids: Kawaii girl bike bell

Kawaii girl bike bell

If she doesn’t own a bike, she’ll want one now.¬†($28 at Skulluxe)

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Kawaii gifts for kids: Bell kitty ears headband

Bell kitty ears headband

The official uniform of the kawaii girl everywhere. ($14.90 at Syndrome)


Kawaii gifts for kids: Totoro GUND Plush

GUND Totoro Plush toy

The keeper of the forest can be the keeper of your bed. ($14.95 on sale at Lord & Taylor)


Kawaii gifts for kids: Personalized wooden stamp

Personalized wooden stamp

We’d stamp everything with this. Books, homework, journals, the cat… ($19.95 at Paper Glitter)

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Kawaii gifts for kids: star wall clock

Kawaii star wall clock

It’s star o’clock somewhere? ¬†($30 by KiraKira Doodles at Society6)


Kawaii gifts for kids: Adopt a narwhal through World Wildlife fund and get a sweet adoption kit

Adopt a narwhal through World Wildlife Fund

The next best thing to owning a real one. No…it’s a lot better.¬†¬† ($25-100 for narwhal adoption kit options at World Wildlife Fund)