One of my kids’ favorite go-to activities for road trips on holiday weekends are sticker activity books. Because it’s hard to argue with good old-fashioned fun. They’re simple and affordable — and they keep my kids busy for a good hour or so.

I’ve actually bought just about every sticker dressing book from Usborne that exists (and there are a lot!), but a new educational sticker activity book has gotten my kids hooked this week: Sticky History of the World.

If you’re heading out of town this weekend on a road trip, this book will mesmerize your kids.

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It takes readers through history, from the beginning of time — literally, the Big Bang — all the way into the future. Each page includes dozens of stickers that kids can use to complete the panoramic scenes of that time period, along with short, quick descriptions about life during that time.

It had my seven-year-old peppering me with questions about Vikings, Romans, and methods of transportation in the future. So…educational, check!

A Sticky History of the World: Tons of cool stickers through history

A Sticky History of the World: Egypt landscape background

A Sticky History of the World: Stickers, AND cool summaries of the time period

I particularly appreciate that this activity book isn’t completely Eurocentric, and includes pages about Egyptian and Aztec history. But it’s the last page my kids especially love, which takes them into the future with pet lizards, rooftop gardens, and dancing robots. Of course!

If you’re heading out on the road this Labor Day weekend, grab A Sticky History of the World at your local bookstore or our affiliate Amazon to keep your kids entertained in the car.