Feminist gifts for a woman who already owns a "Nevertheless She Persisted" shirt


It’s been some year (or uh, years) and our feminist friends and family have been out there fighting for equality, challenging injustice, and, possibly sheetcaking every so often. We’re excited to honor their efforts with some incredible feminist gifts, off of which support women owned-businesses, women authors, women, creators, and women makers. 

Oh and hey…they aren’t just for women. Just sayin…

Feminist gifts for a woman who already owns a “Nevertheless She Persisted” shirt




All gifts have been editorially determined by our staff. There has been no compensation for inclusion. (We know that's rare.)

There are affiliate links in this guide, which means that some purchases will generate a small commission to help support our own small woman-owned business, at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting us!

All prices accurate at time of publication but subject to change.

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including 50+ cool gifts for kids and teens, all under $15





A Book Order Supporting a Feminist Bookstore

Blue Eyes by Toni Morrison is a classic, but this Brooklyn bookstore will order anything for you.

Request prices, Cafe Con Libros


Give a Damn Hand-Embroidered Cashmere Beanie

Also shown at top, these made-to-order, luxury cashmere goods support some truly amazing causes. 

$150, Lingua Franca


A Calendar of Sheroes

Lets forget 2020 with our eyes toward 2021 thanks to this calendar — or any other gift from artist Tina Duryea’s Sheroes portraits

Prices vary, TL Duryea




One-of-a-Kind Vintage Locket

Include a photo of her own mother, grandmother, or favorite female hero so she can always carry the inspiration with her.

$250 and up, Luna & Stella


Audre Lord Quote Mug

“I am deliberate and afraid of nothing.”

$16, The Joyful Fox


A Trip to the Baltimore Museum of Art:

Not only do their 2020 exhibitions look incredible, but next year, they will only buy work from women artists.
Image: @baltimoremuseumofart | Generations: A History of Black Abstract Art through 1/19/20

Tickets for Generations, $10 + free General Admission, Memberships start at $60, Baltimore Museum of Art 


$12, She Illustrates


Change Maker Lipstick

Yes, the names are a bit of a gimmick. But this company puts their money where your mouth is,
donating 20% of profits to incredible orgs including Moms Demand, Legal Momentum, and Planned Parenthood. 

$18, Beautiful Rights


Time’s Up Phone Case by Jenny Chang Rodriguez

Part of the Times Up collection at Society 6 featuring 12 pieces of artwork as prints, totes,
desk accessories, travel mugs and more. (Note: This design is no longer available)

$35.99, Society 6, with 20% donated to Time’s Up


Black Feminist Authors Tee

Also one of our favorite gifts for teens this year, this shirt is a part of a collaboration between Philadelphia Printworks and the open Diata, to highlight Feminist women of color.

$25, Philadelphia Printworks


Kishé Woman-Grown Coffee

To keep her going — and to keep Guatemalan women farmers and their families going, too.

$15, To The Market


Dolores Huerta Quote Weekly Planner:

(item no longer available) 

Because a woman’s work is never done.
PS A visit to the  National Women’s History Museum to buy one in person would be pretty sweet.

$12, National Women’s History Museum


Miss Betty’s Bad-Ass Bitch Candle

NSFW. But then again, a lot of work isn’t safe for work either. 
(Dark feminist humor. Just go with it.)

$16.80, Bad Ass Candles
(corrected price)


Virginia “Wool” Socks

Designed by Fran Labuschagne for cozy feet of one’s own. 

£8, Chatty Feet (with super fast shipping from the UK)


The Testaments by Margaret Atwood

The much-awaited follow-up to Handmaid’s Tale.

$15.80, Amazon
but psst…also available at your local bookstore


She Series Adult Coloring Book

Our favorite fictional characters can be inspiring, too.
We love so much of Karen Hallion’s work so look around her shop.

$25, Karen Hallion Art


A Donation in Her Name to Legal Momentum:
The Women’s Legal Defense and Education Fund

Help support workplace equality, pregnancy workplace rights, economic empowerment, fairness in the courts
support for victims of violence or trafficking, and so much more.


Donate at LegalMomentum.org


Resistmas Ornament Set

(item no longer available) 

 Merry and happy!

$14.36, Bullish Co


Becoming by Michelle Obama:
A Guided Journal for Discovering Your Voice

It’s the most valuable thing any of us have. 

$12.27, Amazon
(But buy it locally, ideally at a woman-owned bookstore or shop)