As she was browsing the Doylestown Art Festival today (lucky!), Kristen sent me a photo of these Ruth Bader Ginsburg baby bibs — or Ruth Baby Ginsburg bibs, as they’re called by maker Becky Garcia Dirtsa Studio — and I died right here and now.

(Hyperbolically speaking, of course.)

This homage to “our most stylish Supreme Court Justice” is such an awesome baby shower gift for any politically-minded feminist friend. Especially if you package it up with the Women Who Dared wooden blocks we recently found, and maybe a copy of Bedtime Stories for Rebel Girls.

The Ruth Baby Ginsburg RGB collar bib from Dirtsa Studio on Etsy

You have a choice of screen-printed versions of her white woven collar from South Africa, or her now famous golden dissent collar, though I happen to think the latter most suitable for any fussy baby or toddler at mealtime.

Though considering the discount, I might buy the two-pack. Fortunately, I don’t have to be as decisive as a Supreme Court Justice when it comes to my baby gift shopping.

Purchase the Ruth Bader Ginsburg baby bibs from the Dirtsa Studio on Etsy. CMP is an rstyle affiliate.

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