As much as I love the many “National” days and weeks that help us celebrate everything from women’s history to coffee, I think my all time favorite day is National Voter Registration Day. Observed annually on the fourth Tuesday in September — that’s September 26th this year — this nonpartisan day is the ultimate way to celebrate our rights as Americans.

Every year millions of Americans find themselves unable to vote because they missed a registration deadline, didn’t update their registration, or aren’t sure how to get started. National Voter Registration Day aims to make sure every eligible voter can do so.

It’s more important than ever to get involved, especially with voter disenfranchisement on the risevoter ID laws being used to strategically suppress votes, and an increasingly pervasive use of unconstitutional gerrymandering.

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If like me, you have voted in every single local and national election you could since you were 18 —  and take your kids with you to the polls (that’s me and my girls above, this past November!) to show them how important voting is  — don’t think that National Voter Registration Day is not for you.

Oh no my fellow Americans! A great way to celebrate is by pledging to help others register to vote. You can:

-Plug in your zip code on the National Voter Registration Day website and you’ll find lots of local ways you can get involved or volunteer.

-Simply search the word “vote” on, and you will get a nifty pop-up box that offers voter registration deadlines, info on the process, and tips to walk you through it all.

-Visit to confirm your registration, polling place, and information. Just to be sure.