Let’s be honest, when you’re a parent, pretty much every day is National Coffee Day. But because we have a heart for silly food-related holidays, we’re all for celebrating. So here are just a few of our favorite fun gifts for coffee lovers that we’ve featured here.

Top image: Disposable coffee cups as art via Eater 

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Gifts for coffee lovers: It's too early for you to say such things mug from Emily McDowell

Emily McDowell Coffee Mugs
All of her cups are hilarious and awesome and beautiful,¬†but this might be a favorite. Still, there’s even more where this one came from. We’ve also shared these 8 hilariously “inspirational” coffee mugs that don’t make you want to beat someone over the head before you’ve had your morning caffeine fix.


Gifts for coffee lovers: JOCO cup reusable glass coffee cups are beautiful, eco-friendly and a great way to drink java to go

Joco Coffee Cups
Rather take your coffee to go? These reusable glass coffee cups blew up our Facebook page for good reason. They look great, they’re eco friendly, and yes, they have big ones¬†too. So don’t panic, like lots of our readers did. We assure you that you will be amply caffeinated with their 16 oz size.

The Coffeelicious taster back from Mouth: a coffee-packed treat for National Coffee Day

The Coffeelicious Snack Pack Gift Box
Today on Cool Mom Eats, Kate shared this awesome gift box from our friends at Mouth.com. Coffee caramel corn? Yes please!


Gifts for coffee lovers: Without Coffee There Would Be Chaos and Darkness poster

Cool Coffee Poster Art
There are so many beautifully designed posters that would look amazing in any kitchen or even an office. This one is by Field Trip.

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Coffee coasters | Cool Mom Picks

Coffee Lid Coasters
We still love this trompe-l’oeil¬†coasters by Jennifer Daniels at Coastermatic, printed with a photo-real image of a coffee cup. Or as we called it, coffee rings that prevent coffee rings.

Great coffee gifts: We like the Bodum Chambord as one of the best French Press coffeemakers

A fabulous coffee maker
French press, Chemex, espresso maker…take your pick. Cool Mom Eats rounded up the best coffee makers of every kind, like this affordable Bodum Chambord French press,¬†and how best to use each one.

Mistobox Coffee subscription box sampler

A Coffee Subscription Box
Of course there’s no better gift for a coffee lover than actual coffee. Mistobox does a bang-up job with their gift boxes, but also check out the options from Regular Coffee, Blue Bottle Coffee (formerly Tonx), TOMS Roasting Co, and ¬†even the new Marley coffee subscription — as in Bob, not the dude from A Christmas Carol¬†. Get up, stand up, indeed.