As much as I’m obsessed with beauty products and keeping up with make-up trends, I feel like most of them are for people with tons of time (and well, expendable income). And let’s be honest, lately, I feel like they’re meant to stay on the runway, or designed to go viral on the Internet. (Nose hair extensions? No thank you very much).

But lip trends? Those I can keep up with and wear without needing lengthy tutorials and lots of money, which is why I was so excited to be introduced to our newest sponsor Winky Lux, a fun line of non-toxic make-up I’d never heard about that offers cruelty, paraben, phthalate, and gluten-free beauty products made right here in the U.S., all at affordable prices. And as someone who recently developed a gluten allergy, I appreciate their attention to that ingredient detail.

And so, I put some of their lip products to the test with 5 popular fall lip trends, and let’s just say, I’m a new fan. Whether you’re a big make-up lover like me, or you’re looking to try something new (hello, stocking stuffers and holiday gifts!), take a peek at the fall lip trends I tried, and hopefully you’ll find a few (maybe all?!) that work for you, too.

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Berry Lips

Fall lip trends: Berry lips | sponsor Winky Lux

Bright, bold berry lips are hot right now, but if you’re like the former me and only wore light, neutral colors, they can feel a little too saturated. But the berry colors, like Stella Marina Matte Lip Velour by Winky Lux, can be a great way to brighten up your face, or really, your whole look, especially when the weather starts to get cold and gray. Also, mmm, the vanilla scent is surprisingly yummy and not overwhelming at all.

Kristen’s tip: If you’re trying a berry color, keep your eye make-up on the lighter side, and then you won’t feel as made up.

Lip Gloss

Fall lip trends: Gloss | Sponsor Winky Lux

Yes, it’s true! The thick, shiny gloss is baaaaack, except when you get the right one, like this Champagne Fight Glossy Boss by Winky Lux I’m wearing, you get the look you’re going for without it being super thick and tacky. Ugh. The worst. I’m a fan of wearing it alone for clean, fresh look.

Kristen’s tip: You can easily wear gloss over a matte lipstick to give it a fun punch. Pop it over the berry above and you’ve got a vampy look, which is also on trend.

80s Colors

Fall lip trends: 80s colors | sponsor Winky Lux

Oh yes, ladies! Bright blues and purples are here again, though I actually never tried any of these colors the first time around. I think this purple looks particularly fabulous on women of color, and if I do say so myself, not too bad on me either. I’m wearing the Royal Lip Velour by Winky Lux, which my teen snatched away from me as soon as I took this photo.

Kristen’s tip: It’s easy to look costume-y with these colors, so leave the legwarmers and multiple strands of pearls in your drawers, along with that hair crimper.

Casual Red Lips

Fall lip trends: Casual red | sponsor Winky Lux

I only started attempting a red lip within the last couple of years, and even then, I’ve only worn it a couple of times because I find it to be a little intimidating. But, I’ve been a little more daring since trying this Double Matte Whip Liquid Lipstick in Shortcake. It goes on easily, like a gloss, but I feel as though the matte makes it much easier to pull off on a daily basis. And since it’s longer wear, I don’t have to worry about reapplying it after drinking my 5th cup of tea.

Kristen’s tip: If a fire engine red seems a little too bright for every day, try one that has hues of pinks or purples, and ease yourself in.


Brown Lips

Fall lip trends: Brown lips | sponsor Winky Lux

I have to admit that I was super hesitant about this one, but this Latte Lip Velour turned out to be one of my favorites. Funny how that works. I feel like it’s a little more dramatic that the popular nude neutral look that everyone’s been wearing, which I feel makes me look washed out.

Kristen’s tip: Steer clear of heavy eyeliner, dramatic cheeks and a dark lipliner for this to look 2017 and not 1997.


Winky Lux beauty products | Sponsor

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And, join us for a fun Facebook Live, Sunday morning (10/29/17) at 10:30 am EDT where Kristen and her make-up loving teen Quinlan will try a few more fall lipstick trends LIVE (80’s blue? Vampy purple? You tell me what you think!). Plus, get a closer look at the Winky Lux beauty products, like their Insta-famous Flower Balm pH Lip Stain. Whoa! Make sure you’re following us on Facebook so you don’t miss out. It’ll be fun!