We love sharing tips for saving money when it comes to Black Friday and holiday shopping! Maybe because we love saving money ourselves? So this week on Spawned with Kristen and Liz we are hooking you up. These are some of the tips we’ve shared with national magazines, newspapers and on morning shows.

Yep. Spend 30 minutes with us and we can save you milllllions!

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Links discussed in this week’s show

Gretchen Rubin’s strategies for not overspending including accountability and avoidance of the mental loopholes we use

-The pros and cons of the top coupon sites.

4 favorite Chrome extensions to help save you money online shopping without doing a thing.

-The Flipp app for saving money

-Some of the best holiday shopping apps

Mommy Points is a terrific website to help you maximize rewards programs and frequent flier miles.

The benefits of Amex Platinum if you’re a frequent traveler.

The best reward credit cards of 2017

-Kristen’s obsession: The Daily Budget app

-Liz loves using store apps that earn you rewards or discounts like Target by Cartwheel, Zappos, Amazon, Starbucks


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Our Cool Picks of the Week

Little Activist Gift Set comes with a "write to the White House" kit! | coolmompicks.com

Liz: The Little Activist gift set from Love Bubby — which you’ll also find in our upcoming holiday gift guide as a top gift for empowered girls who are going to change the world! Keep an eye out.

Kristen: Acupuncture! It works! (And shout-out to Liz’s great friend, the amazingly talented Caroline Radice, Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.)

Top image: kaboompics/Pixabay

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