When it comes to physical activity, my kids probably have something in common with yours: They’re running around too much when it’s homework time, and not running around enough when it’s video game time. But I’ve found an awesome gift that changes all that.

While the industrial-sounding FluidStance became known for making hipster- and design blog-favored balance boards for adults in trendy workspaces, they’re now out with a smart balance board just for kids.

It looks like a skateboards without wheels, but feel more like a mini teeter-totter.

My family has spent some time trying out a press sample and I’ve been surprised to see it’s more than just a little short-term fun — the FluidStance is specially engineered to keep kids’ bodies active while they’re doing homework or playing video games or washing the dishes. And because the motion isn’t distracting, kids’ minds stay focused on the task, not on the balance.

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Balance boards for kids by FluidStance

FluidStance now makes a balance board for kids to keep their bodies active while working or even playing video games

Honestly, it’s been pretty cool to watch my usually-fidgety, “I’m a squirrel! I’m a Squirrel!” kids get down to the business of homework more quickly while they’re on a balance board staying somewhat active. Even video games have become more about action off the screen, and less about my kids doing couch slug imitations.

I especially like that the newest FluidStance board for kids, The Grade, is made with 90% recycled plastics and rubber — nearly the entire board can itself be recycled. They even donate boards to schools to help facilitate kids’ learning.

The one downside: It’s only meant to hold 125 pounds.

Since my husband likes ours so much and keeps trying to steal it from the kids, I know exactly what he’s getting this Christmas.

Get The FluidStance balance boards for kids for $129 and check out the range for adults too. Thanks to the company for sending one to CMP for editorial consideration.