I thought sidewalk chalk was one of those classic children’s toys that’s kind of beyond reinvention. Au contraire, says Tweemade, the sidewalk chalk company that’s busting the mold with unicorn, donut, letters and numbers, and sushi-shaped chalk.

Yep, put away your soy sauce and ginger, because that sushi here? It’s not edible. And not just because it came from an airport kiosk, either.

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 We're going crazy for this sidewalk chalk in amazing shapes like sushi and unicorn horns, from Tweemade!

Donut shaped sidewalk chalk from Tweemade. Cute gift for kids!

Tweemade alphabet sidewalk chalk

Tweemade sidewalk chalk  shaped like letters of the alphabet

While “handmade, small batch” sounds a little hipsterific considering it’s describing sidewalk chalk, I’m going with it, considering how cute and reasonably priced it is — and the fact that it’s all made by indie artist Kate Leibrand, who’s also a Philly preschool teacher.

I think a box of Tweemade chalk would make the perfect easy, inexpensive gift for summer birthdays, a creative party favor (unicorn-themed birthday party, anyone?), a little non-edible treat in an Easter basket, or a special incentive for kids who need to get outside and away from the screens this spring and summer.

Happy hop-scotching, everybody!

Find all the cool shapes of sidewalk chalk at Tweemade, including those awesome unicorn horns.